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tbetleytbetley Posts: 20
I basically understand how to set post crossover eq but pre crossover eq is difficult for me.

Ok I understand you choose a channel (L or R) , choose a frequency, put the system on or off. But where do you set bandwidth? All I want to do is set my entire L channel at a H Shelf 2 db higher than my right channel,how do I do that?

If youy can't do that what is pre x-over eq used for?


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    First off you have your terms all mixed up...The GEQ/PEQ just after the inputs is PRE/ xover.. but PEQ means PARAMETRIC EQ...therefore the PEQ's after the xover are POST EQ but still PEQ's(parametric eq's....)

    Select a high shelf, select a slope, drag it all the way to the high pass point you wish to use.. usually a fairly steep slope set to the speakers lo limit or somewhat above depending on amp power and a number of other things...

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    1) enable the GEQ to turn on the left channel
    2) goto PEQ thru succesive presses of the eq button
    3) select F1 @ 31.5 high shelf @ 2 db gain
    4) select F2 @ 800 high shelf @ 2 db gain
    5) select F3 @ 1.2K high shelf @ 2 db gain

    (I used 3 Parametric freq points, hence the steps 2-4)

    It may be back handed but the curve displayed looks like a 2 db gain from 31-16K HZ.

    Sound right?
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