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Several Setup and COnfig Questions

RickRick Posts: 8
edited December 2006 in PA Configuration Wizard
I just got the DriveRack PA and am using it for my bar rock band with the following:
AudioPro AP1212 Powered Mixer
AP2020 Power Amp
JBL JRX125 2x15 Mains

I use the AP1212's internal amps to drive monitors so the DriveRack is not involved there.
I had originally intended to go with JRX115 and a 118 SUb, but ended up with a deal on the JRX125 2x15s so am trying those running in full range and not using the crossover features at this time. The JRX series is the same as the JBL SoundFactor series I was able to set those up easily.

Currently running the L & R Submix outs to the DriveRack inputs; so basically the board is outputting in stereo.
** Would it be better to just run a single input form the Main Out?

**Should I use Stereo Linked EQ or Mono EQ?

My biggest questions center around setting up the Power Amp. I know I select Custom, but is there any further internal setup setting after that?

I know I should run pink noise (I was planning on downloading some sort of pink noise (**suggestion as to from where and what exactly?) to my iPod and hooking it up to the Aux RCA inputs (**or does it need to go through a channel?). From there I raise the output of the board until its at 0db? or the point on the putput meters where its clipping right?

I then set the volume knobs on the power amp to where those clip lights are just lighting and mark that level? Then I set the Limiter on the Program Patch Im using to reduce the output to just below that? All this stuff is where Im fuzzy. Here's where I coudl use the most help. I wish I had a Crown amp... **Do I set an Amplifier Sensitivity in Volts when using a Custom amp setting?

**Does the DriveRack input level get adjusted at all?

I'm looking forward to trying the Auto EQ and AFS features, but I could use any suggestions for initial settings for the Compressor, Subharmonic, and Delay features since I've never used these before.

Thanks to any and all for any help here. I'm a guitarist and have been nominated to figure out the PA. Thanks again!

PS- Any thoughts on these speakers? Do people put these on any type of stands? I know theyre not the greatest, but they're a step up for us. How does the 2x15 quasi 3-way compare to the 1x15 with a sub?


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, as for the speakers, your not going to get good low end production out of them...even with 2X15... Add a sub if you want good low end...

    As for the gain structure and amp sensitivities..they should just fall into place during the gain structure. The thing is to get the equipment all on the same page. The mixer probably goes more like +22 to +28 db before clipping occurs. You will have to do some fudging with the Driverack as it doesn't have input gain controls...but when the mixer is maxed and the DRPA isn't then just don't worry about it.. if the DRPA clips before the Mixer mark the point on the mixer that the DRPA Clips.. thats the clip point for the system then...Try and leave the DRPA output gain controls (those are the Xover gain controls)at 0db.

    As for the amps you will just set the controls to where they just clip and then turn THEM down slightly so when the board/DRPA are at clip the amps won't be...Remember to leave some headroom..6-10 db would be a good start.

    Use stereo linked, then you won't have to do everything twice.. unless you need to treat the left and right channels differently...

    Go to the old forum location and read the tutorials and user submitted white papers and see the new DBX training modules (above)dealing with the DRPA...

    I don't like the compressor.. use the limiter..set the \"knee\" to a fairly high 8-9 then lower the threshold till it just starts hitting when your at the max volume you want to run.. that way much over that level will initiate limiting..DON\"T hit the limiters too hard though as that can cause power compression...and actually cause speaker failures...

    You don't have enough delay to really worry about and its primarily alignment delay.

    Those speakers are probably a bit top heavy to be put on any stands.. Get subs.. put them on the subs...
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