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I am lost

karaoke mikekaraoke mike Posts: 9
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Hi, first off, great forum.
Here is my problem. I do karaoke shows in the same bar every weekend and want the best sound possible. It is a relatively small bar and has 2 permanent speakers which are not mine, so I have to deal with them. They are jbl tr125's mounted near the ceiling at 10'. I use a qsc rmx1450 amp, a compressor for vocals only and a mackie mixer. What settings should I use on my new driverack pa ? I have the rta mic also. This is a big step up for me from just a 231 eq. Thank you, Mike
I need help.


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I have to tell you I am not much of a JBL fan to begin with..I think those are the worst SPEAKERS they have ever built...I'm not sure even the Driverack can make those crappy things sound good.. RANT OFF...

    I guess I would suggest you go to the \"FORMER FORUM\" and read all you can. you will find a plethora of information and suggestions I have made that should keep you busy for a while. then when you have some more specific questions come back and ask whatever you want.

    Those things have no low end capability what so ever so good luck there, if you have a sub you could bring it would be a good idea...I guess I'd use the RTA mic and set the DRPA for flat and try abd get on axsis at about 5-6 feet away and see what happens...remember the low end will have to be set by ear...

    Let me know
  • What speakers do you suggest then? Info helps me
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hmmm I didn't know that it was an option...That question has some of its own questions attached like.. how much money do you forsee being able to spend... Just Karaoke? is protabiility an issue? what about amps, or are we talking powered speakers...so many questions.. perhaps if you provide me with information.. the more the better .. I can better help you...
  • Hi, for karaoke, portable non powered, dual qsc 1450 amps for power, just because i have 2
    I want the quality and the money issue is the second factor for a pair of speakers, thank you
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well.. speaker selection is somewhat subjective and you can spend a ton of money on them .. I mean its not unusual to see unposered pro audio speakers that are $5000! I assume you mean reasonable priced... There a some really good sounding ones by Yorkville that are the Unity series. there is a 2X15 and a single 15... they use a unity horn and are exceptionally smooth in the midrange. EAW also makes some very nice units as do many other manufacturers...is weight an issue? size? these are all pertinent questions.. do you have a place to listen to any speakers? a pro audio place that sells them?

  • Hi, I live 15 min. from a guitar center. I was hoping for a single woofer and tweeter speaker. And yes not a $5000 one. I was hoping to put them on stands. Thank you
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