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DR 260 Config Locked

g-mang-man Posts: 2
I retrieved the default passwords (SRV and HENDRIX) to access this DR 260 unit, but when I go to Config a Program it rejects with \"Locked....

(I've tried inputing the High and Low passwords....)

How can I change this?

Is there a way to disable the Password system? (I find it a nuisance...)

Thank you!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well I hope you uploaded your settings (stored them to the computer in .dwp files) because if you didn't when you do a hard reset to restore factory defaults and get the default passwords restored you will loose any user settings that you have in the unit...I'm not sure if you can still do it.. (right click on the top blue bar and select \"upload\" with your computer hooked to the 260 and the GUI running...Keep us informed
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