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Can you use dbx-pa with active speakers?

mlukeymlukey Posts: 8
I've been studing the dbx PA driverack for some time but have not purchased one yet. I've been reading the on-line manual for the driverackPA and, all the applications have amplifers in the string. The small rig I'm using does not have outside amps. Instead I'm using Mackie axtive 350's and 450's w/ the amps already built into the cabinet.
Can I still use the PA driverack?


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes of course, and it will add to the sound of the system. You can use bandpass filters, crossoversetc..and you have all the system tuning tools, and Eq's... We have a lot of folks that do just that.
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    I have the RCF 8001 AS subs and they already come with a crossover and limiter built in, can I still use the DBX? If so where do I connect the satelite speakers to the DBX being that they're full range? Thanks
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Yes, Choose a stereo 2X3 or 4 and hook the tops up to the HI outs, hook the subs up to the LO outs, if mono use the Left Mono out... Use the C300 (passive SRM 450) preset, and custom amps and subs... set the HPF to out and the LPF high enough for the subs that they can do their own thing and set the HPF for the tops wherever the subs cross out... If its 80/100/120 as the subs are capable of set the tops to match.. I'd suggest you try 100 hz and see how that works out, It'll give the 450's a little more get up and go too...
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