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Outdoor cinema and multiple speakers

mediabaymediabay Posts: 2

I have an outdoor/portable cinema and just picked up a DriveRack 260 to help with the audio. Here is what I have:

2 Mackie SRM 450's mounted on top of SWA 1501 subs

I have found that when I am showing to a large audience (400 people) there isn't enough sound so I added another pair of 450s that are positioned farther out so it looks like this.

At first I daisy-chaied the outboard 450's to the inboard ones, but even though it sounded somewhat better, there is a time delay (duh) between the speakers. My question is, what would be the best way to use the DR260 in this setup.

Thanks very much for your advise.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Without going into a lot of detail, I've done that same set-up in long, narrow rooms. Hope your using the GUI. If not, just poke around in the panel. It is do-able there as well. Let's say... inputs A & B (stereo) to cross-over for tops & subs routed to outputs 1 & 2 (stereo) and 3 (or 3 & 4) subs. Enter config mode and assign input A to output 5 & B to output 6 (under the RTE column). If you want to link 5 & 6 into a single stereo control, that has to be done from the front panel in config mode. Use the filter to cut some low end if needed. Use PEQ if needed. If you link the 5 & 6 be sure to link all the modules that you'll be using as well. Get an approximate in line measurement from the \"screen speakers\" to the \"row\" even with the fill speakers. Under 56 ft - config delay to 50 msecs. 56 to 112 ft - config to 100 msecs. 112 to 225 ft - config to 200 msecs, and so on. Use the lowest range possible for finer control. Change the \"type\" to feet and set to what you measured to dial in close. If you have a CD that has drum stick hits, for example, use that to really get it tight. When you get it where you think that it should be, start at the screen and walk to the rear. There should be a seamless transition as you pass by the fill speakers. Hope this helps.
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