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1st drpa & very confused

doesntplaywelldoesntplaywell Posts: 4
edited January 2007 in PA General Discussion
this is very confusing to me, this is my first pa system & alot ot the white papers & threads I've read here just confuse me more.
my system is very simple
Mixer: soundcraft spirit e 12
Amp: crown xls802
Speakers: jbl jrx125
since I'm new at this I sorta went by the aplication guides on the Crown & JBL sites, with the exception of using a DRPA instead of the EQ they suggested (I used the drpa for ease of groth in the syst

in the speaker selection of the wizard can I use jbl sf25 to replace the jrx125...(I read here somewhere that they are the same)

also I guess I'm asking for any help setting this up besides the cables & stuff I have that part figured out.

any help for this total nube would be greatly appreciated
thank you


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    Since you are using passive speakers (the x-over is in the speaker cabinet), you can just select \"Custom Passive\" for your main cabinets. You shouldn't need any speaker tunings for those speakers. You will also have to select \"Custom\" for your amplifier. You will then have to set the gain structure manually. Please see the document at the below link for more info on manually setting the gain structure.

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