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Drive Rack 260 display and boothing

Hello all,

I am the owner of 2 DR260 units which I purchased in Feb 2006. In December 2006(15th) we rigged up for a wedding ceremony and to my surprise on of the units failed to booth. After turning on the power, you get the initial scroll of all the lights on the unit and then it freezes...the display has these dots on it and there is no response on the mute buttons...no output either. I tried both soft and hard starts but no success.

I have been reading some of the problems with this 260 unit in this forum and realize that this display thing is not new...however most seem to get their units going or its just the display that is screwing up but still able to get output. Why hasnt DBX addressed this problem?...I regarded DBX as one of the top brands in the professional sound industry and spent alot of money for these units only to have one fail in less than a year.

Any comments/suggestion?


  • Hi Again,

    Another DR 260 was used to trouble shoot my unit. This unit also had a display problem(just lighting bright but no text) but the unit was boothing and functioning. The display from my unit was plugged into this unit and that prevented the unit from booting. The display from the unit that was boothing was pluggeg into my unit and my unit still will not booth. It seems that both the display and main board may be faulty in my unit.

    There is obviously problem(s) with this unit a and I have serious concerns about dependability/durability. If one searches the forum you can find some post on display and freezing issues..No one can tell me now when the other unit might fail. DBX needs to get their act together and have straightened out. (Either recall or send repalcement parts for failed units). Problem(s) exist and just as myself being an International Customer many might not make it to this forum for information. It would be really interesting if someone can get the figures from DBX as to how many of these units have been reported with problems..display or otherwise. Bottom line...I expect dependability, durability, quality and value for my hard earned money..What a failure so far with this unit!!! I now have to wait for repairs and who knows how long this would hold out for!!
  • I agree wholeheartedly. I have 2 260's and 1 PA and all 3 have display problems and problems booting. I guess they really didn't test them very well, or there is poor quality control. I bought mine in mid 2005 and they were shipped direct from the factory. It looks like many people have these problems. I am not complaining about the functionality or sound, but how can I trust these units? I read one post where someone has gone through 5 displays! That is crazy. I will be replacing mine shortly.
  • MikeyMikey Posts: 82
    I've had a few of these units for at least three+ years. This includes a few DR 260s and a PA or two. Never had a bit of problems.

    But why are you complaining now (those of you who bought a long time ago) instead of sending in the units when they were under warranty?

    If you want great reliability, check out the XTA or Lake/Clair I/O stuff. It will cost you way in excess of $3500-4000 per box, but the reliability is great. I've used both on many occasions and the sound quality is also excellent. It's a great investment if you are more interested in bang rather than buck. The XTA is the only processor I've seen in Scovi's rig-14 on the previous Tom Petty tour.

    Just did the opener for Goo Goo Dolls a couple of nights ago and had all Clair I/O in the drive rack-I think about 10 +/- of them. Sweeeeeet sound. With the two tablets, I'm guessing around $50,000 to 60,000 will get you that setup.

    I'm not saying the complaints aren't warranted, but if you want reliability/quality or any other thing that has value, you will pay for it. To me, the 260 is still the absolute best bang/buck out there. I wouldn't take them on tour, but I would, and do, use them for local jobs all the time.

    Just my nickel,
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    There is an updated display that you can have installed under warranty...and I'm sure you could get it for install yourself if (you feel that you can do the install..light soldering and what not) its NOT under warranty.. or send it in for non warranty repair...There is a post that suggests this very premise somewhere... here... I have had 3 260's and 3 PA's and I know of a few dozen more.. and the only problem I have seen is a checksum error in one (my original unit) that was fixed and has never glitched since... I think were talking at the very minimum, hundreds of thousands of units... probably millions?... but I can... in the MANY years I have been here...remember only a few units with problems...

  • Mikey,

    For your information my unit failed within the warranty period..so spare me the line about waiting so long to complain. If you can afford $3500+ units go right ahead...but I would think that a professional line of products by dbx would have reliability in them...this is not a new problem and my point is that dbx is aware of it. Your fantastic gigs still does not help me with my unit which I am still awaiting to be repaired.


    Maybe you didn't read my second post where we trouble shooted the unit with another...the problem isn't with the display alone but also with the main board. Stop defending and view objectively, if there is a problem have it rectified and get it over with...

    I suggest both you guys take a read of 'goyousalukis' a reply to this post prior to you both...yes there are others out there with this problem. What is even more amazing though is that for weeks after i posted this problem I kept looking for an answer but to no avail...Up come another complaint on the units and surprise...2 replys to follow in defense..Work of art man!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Good luck with that attitude...I'm sure it serves you well. If you don't like the message ..attack the bearer...It certainly seems fruitless to try and help people like you, so have a pleasant stay be well in all things...
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