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Right Tool for Application?

DrChimeraDrChimera Posts: 2
I currently have a pair of JBL MI632 and a pair of Altec VOTT hooked up to a vintage Kenwood amp at 220w/channel with a cheesy eq and Radio Shack mixer. Hey you have to start somewhere!

I am looking to put this system to work turning it into a home studio and rig that I can use for small venues.

This diagram is currently what I have in mind for the immediate future:

``````````````````````````|``| ````````````````````````
``````[Live Equip]----[SoundCraft EMP12]
[Lexicon MPX1]
``````````|`````````````````````````| `````````````````
`[Crown(XLS602 or CE2000)]````[Crown(XLS402 or CE1000)]```
`````|``````````|````````````````|````````` |```````````

I will probably want to add another amp w/ some stage monitors in the near future.

From my understanding of my research it appears that the DriveRack 260 is my best choice. I just wanted to verify this.

From my understanding the PA would be adequate if I were to stack the Altec/JBLs or not separate them more than 10 feet. However, if I wanted to put the Altecs at the front of the room and the JBLs at the back, say 20-40 feet, then I would need the 260.

So my questions: (Some of which may be a tad off-topic, but the help would be greatly appreciated.)
1.) Is the DriveRack(260) the right solution?
2.) Do I have the right amp selection for this configuration? (powerwise)
3.) Is a 12 channel mixer enough for a small band (3-4 piece?)

Speaker specs

JBL MI632 8 Ohm
Freq Range Power (Cont.) Sensitity X-Over
Pink Program
45Hz - 15kHz 150W 300W 104dB 1.5kHz

Altec VOTT 8 Ohm
20Hz - 22KHz 75w 100w?? 100dB 500Hz

I know I'll have a learning curve to get all this set up. I just need to know that I am on the right path. (I already have the speakers and FX processor.)

Thank you in advance,


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Without looking up those speakers I will tell you that the recommended power is 2-4 times the dynamic power NOT the rated output... Thats generally a LOT of power...So get more power rather than less... Too much is never enough...

    The 260 is so far superior it isn't even a question...

    Yes you have a steep learning curve.. go to the \"FORMER FORUM\" above, go do some reading...there is LOADS of good info and tips. Come back with more specific questions if you have any...
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