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Where can I get a cd with a sine wave signal on it...

chestychesty Posts: 8
...to use for setting the gain using the 260 and my power amps?


  • DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Click on \"Former Forum\" above and search \"Binks\". The first post from Lee has a link. Go there and download the CD.

  • chestychesty Posts: 8
    Thanks! Very cool. What is interesting is that the musicians in the band I run sound for (very good friends of mine) are remembering from a long time ago that the default setting for the amp attenuators was all the way up and never understood/took into account optimizing gain. I have already improved their sound quite a bit just by backing off the amps attenuators based on what I was hearing and then pluggin in the 260.
  • chestychesty Posts: 8
    I have downloaded the wav files from the site. Couldn't I just play the wav files using my ipod making sure that the ipod eq is off? That would be playing uncomrpessed files vs a cd and a lot easier than carrying around a cd player and a cd that can get messed up.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    edited January 2007
    well...that depends on what the bitrate you use is.. If its 24 bit with near cd quality then ya.. but if its MP3 with lo bit resolution... forget it...
  • chestychesty Posts: 8
    Thanks, I will make sure to keep the bit rate up there and not use mp3 files at all.
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