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recording output

archosarchos Posts: 9
edited January 2007 in PA General Discussion
Hi, is it possible to set up my drpa to get an output for recording purposes? i run it with 2 x jbl eon's, 1x crown amp and 1x active custom sub. Is it possible to get a stereo output to my cd recorder? :?:
thank you


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sure, you could set up the DRPA for a 2x6 and set up the MID outs for the recorder and set up a band pass and set it full range.. out to out, that means no HPF or LPF. I record EVERY show direct to computer and get some killer one without using the Driverack though... It requires that the system be set up very well and that the two sound very similar..then whern you need more guitar on the recording you'll need more in the speakers.
  • archosarchos Posts: 9
    thanx Gadget, but how exactly do you set it up? I suposse you set the highs for the speakers and their amp, low/mono for the sub, and the recorder, as an amp and fulrange speakers or active speakers, in the mids? Would this affect any other parameters as in auto eq mode?
    by the way what interconnects do you use for this? xlr to rca or you convert it to digital?
    ps. I think i would need a 2x5 configuration

    thanx again for the help
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    The auto eq works with the GEQ which is PRE crossover, so it would affect ALL outputs.

    With mono subs yes a 2 x5 would be fine.

    you would use the hi and lo outs for the speakers.. set the hi outs to do the top speakers, and select a crossover frequency.. probably 75 -100 hz LR 24 set the subs to the same frequency you chose...some spread there may work to lessen the crossover region interaction, but some experimenting will be necessary. A hi-pass would probably not be necessary unless you want to protect your subs.

    As for the mid outs they would be set to a bandpass... that means you would drag the HPF to out low freq and the LPF to out Hi this would allow all frequencies to pass.

    I guess that we are talking about the XLR controls since the Driverack doesn't have digital outs...
  • archosarchos Posts: 9
    Thanx again Gadget, i got it now and i'am going to try it asap. I was talking for the xlr out using an ADC (like behringer src2496) to convert the analog output of drpa into digital.
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