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internal clipping

swingerswinger Posts: 17
need ideas on how to stop this internal clipping ihave already done a gain control


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hmmm.. pretty cryptic post...Your going to have to be more specific if you want us to have any idea what you are asking. I personally have never heard my Driveracks clip, and I would assume that being a digital device that it would sound pretty NASTY...Not to pick nits but its a gain structure, and you'll need to elaborate on what you did when you set up your system.
  • swingerswinger Posts: 17
    the 260 is loaded with the original eaw kf 850 program all gains and all crossover, peq settings are tuned as the program states, i use qsc amps 3 mx2000a on midrange gains turned half way up, and 2 mx3000a on subs gains turned half way up, input gains on input 1 is on 8 and so is the master gain, the input line coming into the processor comes from a numark DM 1200 mixer master and line gains are usually almost all the way up damn dj's cant control them.
  • Disconnect your speakers.

    Set your gain structures from input sources to mixer, mixer to driverack, then driverack to amps using pink noise.

    Pretty easy to set the gain structures at the mixer right? You just use the input gain controls to make sure that the input channel clip lights barely blink. Then set the channels and master faders to 0 db (Not +10 or wherever they go above 0).

    Go into the input mixer(s) in the driverack and raise or lower the masters and channels. For example, set 0 db on the masters and -5 db on the channels. In other words, raise or lower the input mixer 1 db at a time until the clip indicator does not flash on the driverack. I like to make it flash, then lower by -1 db until it stops. It's pretty obvious when you have it set properly.

    Set the gain on the amps.

    Connect the speakers.

    EQ the system to flat with a measurement mic. Make sure to have the system turned up somewhere near the volume that you will playing at. Bring some hearing protection so you don't have to listen to the pink noise at 110-120 db while your working.

    Adjust EQ to taste.

    Re-tweak the gain structure after EQ if you're clipping anywhere. You might be able to increase gain a little if you made a lot of cuts during eq'ing.

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