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Linux compatible driveware please...

martinssonmartinsson Posts: 5
edited August 2009 in Software Control
I'm will convert from microsoft windows to linux (lots of reasons like drm, hdcp, vista etc...), is there a driveware about to be launched for linux anytime soon, please ?

thanks for a great product !

Best reg's // Martinsson


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hate to be a wet blanket but with only one software update in 3 years I think that the chances are slim and none and slim has left the building...That update was necessary to fix a checksum error..I sure wish they would get some of the issues we want to have resolved addressed but I don't think holding my breath is realistic...

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    You are right about the GUI updates, to bad, on the orther hand perhaps they are working like mad to meet all the users requests, let's hope so, the products sure inspires confidence, never a hang up, my DR260 sure delivers whats promised, and then some.

    To give dbx some feedback on the GUI I would like it to have :

    1/ A more easy to operate interface (no small buttons and bars that require robot precision when adjusting (like XO-slopes and param eq's).

    2/ Higher resolution in graphic displays (like RTA and EQ result plots)

    3/ No \"hidden\" functions, it should be painfully obvious what can be done (like input mixer and phase on outputs) fiddling with those minute boxes are a pain when it has to be done quickly.

    4/ Free choise of platform on wich to use it, like additional Mac and Linux systems wich often boasts a higher stabillity when in use.

    Usefull additional features :

    SPL messurement - with a dbx RTM mic and specified gain structure this should be possible, we know wich amps are used and the output level of the DR.

    Frequency plot - the current RTA provides this, but if used with the above one should be able to make propper frequency and effiency plots of different systems wich even could be saved as a .jpg image file, very usefull when developing sound systemes.

    control pad - using the zone system one could perhaps design a quick control pad to put on the console when working, this could contain features like input/output levels, band gain (like MF/HF and LF), if one needs to adjust on the fly.

    Just from the top of my head, I love the product and would like to see it evolve.

    Br // Anders
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    Hello again

    I just recently installed Ubuntu 7.10 (Linux) and found it far supirior to Windows XP (and vista, goes without saying...) in terms of operational stabillity and hardware requirements.

    Hence my question, the open source comunity is getting larger by the day (thanks vista), and i'm still wondering if you would not get some driveware out there for all of us who do not use microsoft's products.

    Nedless to say i think great many people out there would find this to be a proffesional and correct approach, you do not need a massive XP or an even more massive Vista to run driveware during a live show, personaly i see it as a risk, the open source systems are more stable, and therefore more suited for proffesional use in my opinion.

    Best regards // Martinsson
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    This is just a thought to any one wanting to use linux instead of windows. Try installing the driverack software in wine in ubuntu. The reason i say this is a year agoi ran linux on my laptop and had the gui runing for the yamaha 01V 96 in the wine windows emulator. Was kubuntu feisty fawn or gutsy gibbon.
    worked perfect, now where serial port conection is so simple the drive rack should work. I'll try it somtime and post what i find.
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    Thanks, that would be great, it somehow feels \"safer\" to go with a linux based solution, i write this based on years of expirience with both linux and windows.

    I will give it a try myself as soon as i get around to buying a new (and working) laptopbut please go ahead, my guess is that you will get to try this faster then me.

    Thanks // Anders
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