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Drive rack with powered speakers and auto eq

msochamsocha Posts: 5
edited January 2007 in PA Connectivity
:?: I presently have a Carvin powered Triamp top and powered 18\" sub stereo PA. What is my best setup since these are not listed in the menu? I'm thinking,treat it like a biamp situation and just use the programs available. I have tried auto eq and the system takes about 2 minutes and when its done says eq not done. I am using the dbx referance mic and its about 3 feet in front of the PA. I'm trying not to kill the club patrons while the process occurs. What is the usual time to eq? I use th biamp program and yes the ref. mic is on at about -10db on the rack. Thanks Mike


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I'd set up in the wizard a 2x3 or 2x4 and make sure your stereo linked.. two things can cause the \"not done\".
    1. More than 4 bands fully cut or boosted

    2. if your using un-linked stereo it wants to do the other channel

    use all custom amps and speakers in the wizard. set the LPF for the sub outs high enough for the subs to set their own crossover point and set the HPF for the tops to whatever the subs cross out at.

    As for the time? depending on the Hi Mid LO precision setting.. Hi takes a LONG time, Lo usually under a minute, unless its having trouble..You will need to read the primers I left over at the \"former forum home\" (see link above) in the \"tutorials\" and User submitted white papers\" sections. those should help a lot.. note that all bands below 160 hz and above 700 hz are likely to need attention as the auto eq will probably butcher them.. not usually when the mic is that close (see the \"new indoors auto EQ method and do that without the subs and set them by ear)

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