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new setup with crown & jbl

johnk-8johnk-8 Posts: 6
edited January 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
I just hooked up a 2 way stereo pa system with the driverack-pa.
I thought that my speakers and amps would be on the preset tunings list. not there.... Oops

System is:

(2) jbl mrx515's with crown xti2000
(2) jbl mrx518's with crown xti4000

I'm going through the \"custom\" settings for my components.. but the system doesn't seem to be balanced. Not enough signal going to the low end.

Please help me find the path to the most efficient way to fine tune my system. Is there settings that emulate these new components?



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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    1. Did you do a gain structure?
    2. Did you go through any of the tutorials?
    3. Did you go to the former forum site and read any of the tutorials and user submitted white papers?
    4. What did you set the attenuators at on the amps
    5.What mixer are you using?
    6. did you try turning DOWN the attenuators on the XTI 2000, or the crossover gain control for the tops?
    7. Did you look at the spec sheets for suggested crossover points
    Here they show that the speakers fall off terribly fast below 100 hz, and are in fact 10db down from 200 hz to 100 hz and are nearly 20 db down at 50 hz...

    I found the 418s and they suggest a 80-120 crossover at 24 - 48db/ octave crossover...try 100 hz @ LR 24 . Do a gain structure, and after wards use the input gain controls to turn DOWN the tops to balance with the sound with the Lows. You can also use the Xover gain controls on the DRPA to do this. Try those things and get back to us...
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    I'm using a Crest-XRM mixer for a nine piece funk band primarily for a \"set it and leave it\" monitor systems for big shows. For small shows we will use the xrm for monitor mixes and stereo output to the drpa, xti's and jbl's listed earlier.. Trying to save some time in setup by wiring all the wireless mics and in-ears.

    I did the gain structure procedure, and read all of the recommended literature.

    With the gain structure procedure, the attenuators on the amps are set all the way up without clipping.

    I used your suggested crossover settings...

    high x-over settings:

    100 Hz LR-24 -18.0 dB (to make the highs match the lows)

    Low x-over settings:

    33.5 Hz BW 6 0.0 dB
    100.0 Hz LR-24

    The input indicators on the DR-PA is running between +5 and +10

    the low output meter hangs at -30

    the high output meter hangs at -30 and flashes to 0 every so often.

    Is this right?

    It just seems like the signal is hardly getting to the low end amp. Not getting the chest thumping lows that should be there.
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok this presumes that the outputs (xover gain controls) are @ -0- db. Were you able to get full volume out of the XTI 4000 at full tilt boogie, and if not did you try the xover gain control to get said amp to near clip level? I don't know that amp is it conventional in that it actually shows clip or does it have ODEP technology which precludes gain structuring...? I don't know but my friend Micheal Kovach has.. and likes those amps.. so they have my approval as well... I just looked at them and they seem to have a conventional \"clip\" lights, so did you get clip indication on the 4000? If not try and adjust the out put controls for the Xover till you get the desired level for a gain structure Clip signal...so many questions... so little time.. or continuity of questions...Kinda looks like the LO xover needs to be bumped up.. are you using a limiter or compressor function on the DRPA? Try that and see if it helps... remember, contrary to popular belief my ESPN isn't working up to snuff so you need to give me as much info as possible.. ok?
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