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I have tuning specs for JBL speakers

chestychesty Posts: 8
How do I set those into the driverack? In other words, How do I read the sheet to understand what to set when configuring the drive rack.

We are using SRX700 series speakers.


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    first off I need the model # NOT the series #... It would be FAR easier if you simply called me... but I need the model of all speakers first.. I don't have the time to type all the info necessary to do it , but essentially you need to find the PEQ's and be able to move through them so as to be able to set each and every parameter...you also need to be able to find the delay parameters.. (possibly) not sure if its called for without the actual model.. I.E. 722...

    Any way 218-999-7100
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