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PC connections

mvdrumsmvdrums Posts: 23
O.K. guys, I did some searching and can't find the reason why the 260 won't respond to my pc. The serial adaptor is the keyspan db-9 rs 232, it installed fine. Both units on com 4. I followed the directions on this forum to hook it up. They still won't talk to each other. Is there a link on the site here somewhere that I didn't uncover yet? Thanks, Matt Jordan :oops: I am feeling stupider by the moment...............


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    :oops: :roll: Embarrassed, but happy. I found the problem. The store I bought it from put a \"regular\" serial cable intstead of a \"null modem\" config. Swapped out the cable, and everything is good. Thanks guys. I am on the way to the club to play some delay games and get rid of the dreaded low end \"power ally\" I have 8 each single 18 boxes lined up on the floor in front of the stage. Anyone have any ideas whether I should delay from the inside out, outside in, or do the cardiod thing? Oh heck, I'll just go start turning knobs, It's really quite enjoyable for me...Matt Jordan[/quote]
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