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Wizard Settings

archosarchos Posts: 9
edited February 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
Hi all
I had to run the setup wizard today to check that i had the setup right. I noticed that the level knobs for the amps were set to 67% instead of 50% that were matched during initial setup for the highs and 40% instead of 50% for the lows. Is it supposed to be like this?????

Do i have to do a gain structure if all amps are listed in the wizard?

CROWN ce-100 + JBL eon 1500
Active sub (same amp specs whith PowerTech 1.1, used sub's xover setting for the slopes, 40hz bw 12 - 100hz bw 12)


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Are you saying that you had them change on you or that the preset does that? I would most certainly do a gain structuring....
  • I mean when you do the wizard setup and you set the preseted amp attenuators at 50% shouldn't that setting be holded to the next time you redo the wizard setup and select the same preset amp? i.e. I do the wizard setup. select jbl eons 1500 + ce1000 @ 1.4V @ 50% attenuator and custom mono sub (proel smt-15 sa active,250W 12db/oct slopes 40-160hz) + custom amp. After seassoning i ended up @ 42.5 bw 18 -> 140 rl 24 -5db for low and 140 rl 12 for the tops. Using the inverted sub method the delay set at 7.5msec. Auto Eq the system and make the final adjustment.
    If i redo the setup the same way after a while the input attenuators are displayed at 50% as i set them original.
    If i redo the setup the same way after a day the input attenuators are desplayed at 63%. The question is if this difference in attenuators are normal.

    The problem Gadget is that i'm never going to max out the ring, not even close to it, as i have a really small practice room. I Know that it is always recomended but ...............

    Another question is if it is valid to do the indoor autoeq method with leaving the speakers at their position and elevating the wooden board at ear level?

    I know that you are a really busy person so i would like to thank you in advance for every bit of your help
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I gave to assume that you are not saving the preset properly... you need to press the store 3 times for every store... and naswer the prompts as they come up...

    As for the indoor auto EQ method I used the board as an example to show distance from the floor... if you were to try that the board would have to be much larger...for accurate measurements...according to the DBX crew equal toi the lowest frequence which would be over 40 feet.. which is ridiculous if yoyu ask me.. why can't you do them on the ground?

  • I do press the store 3 times, and answer all the prompts.
    Any way, for the auto eq method,my room is actually the top of a staircace, 4m x 3.5m with two concrete wall offs 1m high between the spakers and and the front end.So there is actually no free floor in axis to do the method. can i do it side ways i.e. not in front of the speakers?
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Just go nearfied on axis mic pointed between the woofer and tweeter... about 4-6 feet out. That should minimize the interaction with the room and get you a flat response curve.. Not sure what is going on in the storage routine but no it shouldn't change...
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