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crossover setup on driverack pa

djkingtuttdjkingtutt Posts: 4
edited February 2007 in Configuration Wizard
What settings would be best for my setup (I need help)
3-way system with 2 EV 940hp horns pushed by linear tech amp, 2 Mid cabinets with 2 Eminence Sigma 15\" woofers each pushed by Samson 3200 amp, and 2 bass cabinets with 4 Eminence Sigma 18\" Subwoofers each pushed by 2 QSC plx3602 amps paralleled (System is Stereo setup) :roll:


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well.. the HORN doesn't mean squat.. I need to know what drivers are used before I can make any recommendations..
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    drivers for highs are dh2010A
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    In the wizard set up a 2X6 all custom linked stereo is easiest... Save as whatever you want to so you can easily identify it...

    1. set an HPF of 45hz BW 18
    2. set an LPF of 100 hz LR24
    thats the sube
    3. set an HPF of 100hz @ LR 24
    4. set an LPF of 2250hz @ LR 24
    thats the mids
    5. set an HPF of 2250hz
    the LPF is not available on the DRPA so it is said to go to out...
    Without a LOT more info about the boxes I can't be much more specific....

    Do a good GAin structure as per the back of the manual, and then ballance the levels of the components (speakers) with the Amps input controls and or the XOVER gain control...

    Delays I can't tell you without the speaker box info but just sweep through the available 10ms and see if there's a point where the speakers sound tighter..
    should only need to delay the horn to the mid then add that to whatever the mid to the sub yeilds.
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    Thanks for the help......God bless :D
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