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Yorkville U15P settings

mvdrumsmvdrums Posts: 23
Hi, Im looking for dr 260 settings for the Yorkville U15P powered boxes. Anybody out there use them? I'm using 8 front loaded 18\" subs under four U15P tops. Thanks, Matt Jordan


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Matt... you need to be more specific...what exactly are you looking for...be specific what your system is and what it does and what exactly you want to do.. I.E. 2X4.. 2X6... biamp tops.. what amps?... ETC
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    Hi, You helped me a few days ago. System is a live rock band situation reinforcing everything that comes off stage. Mixer mackie srm 24x4, amps 4 ea. crown microtech 2400's bridged to 8 ea. klipsch kp 480 front loaded 8 ohm 400 watt 18\" subs. 4 ea. yorkie u15p's for tops coming in on Mon. I was talking to you about delaying the subs to get rid of the power alley syndrome. Thinking about it now, there is probably no way to turn off the limiters on the U15P's. What you hooked me up with was stereo tops, and 4 mono sub outs. xover at 91 hz, lr 24 db per oct. I was just checking if anyone had experience with the dr 260 and these tops, and any tips and tricks I could learn. Any input (delay, eq, xover type & slope etc.) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt
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    MikeyMikey Posts: 82
    I have not used the powered version of the U15, but have 4 of the unpowered boxes. Since the DSP is already in the U15P, what exactly do you need to know? Crossover points are best determined by the room, power amps, cabinet capabilities, etc. It's hard to give just one good answer.

    Just a FYI, I am going to put my boxes up in the next few days and do a few measurements that I have not had a chance to do in the freezing crap we have had this winter. I will try to post some results for straight U15s with QW218 subs-delays, crossover topology, slope, etc.

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    mvdrumsmvdrums Posts: 23
    Hi, I'm going to load in on Monday and play around a little with the settings on four of the yorkville U15P's. I will probably disable the x-over on the box, and use the driverack 260 for slopes and points. What I have heard straight out of the box ( full range, no subs) is pretty encouraging. What I was looking for really, Is any folks using the u15p's live with a driverack 260 right now, and if there are any \"straight-out-of-the-box\" corrections that need to be made. I guess I'll find out soon enough, and post my humble findings. Thanks, Matt[/i][/b]
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