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Setting up DR260 w/ SRX715s


We just purchased a DR260, 4 JBL SRX715 and 1 Crown XTi 4000. We are running the 4 speakers passive/parallel /no subs.

When running the wizard on the 260, I do not see settings for the speakers nor for the Crown XTi 4000. What settings do I choose??

Also, I downloaded the SRX series tunnings, however there are no settings for our setup. Is it because these are loaded/used only with a sub setup??

Any advise or suggestions??




  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You will only see settings when Bi-amping...Tri-amping... etc. no fullrange settings were included by any manufacturer since there is no need for any.. What settings are you looking for? I mean you have a fullrange speaker that doesn't need or use a crossover since your using the passive crossover in the speakers...

    As for the amps the only thing they change is the sensitivity setting...You can look that spec up at crown and just set it in the wizard.. chose all custm settings and use a bandpass filter for the speakers.
  • Gadget:

    Makes sense. We will be adding 2 SRX718s subs next week and then we'll be taking full advantage of the DR260 tunnings.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi Gadget:

    We just added 2 SRX718s (stereo mode) and uploaded the \"SRX715 passive with SRX718s\" settings to our DR260.

    I see all the x-over and PEQ settings. The PEQ is off (flat) and when I press and hold the wizard button the auto-eq option is no longer there. Before adding the subs (full range), I was able to run the auto-eq using the RTA DBX mic. After \"pinking\" the room the sound was amazing.

    My question is how do I pink the room and get that \"tight\" sound we had before? With the subs we have incredible lows but the highs cabinets lack definition.

    Thanks for your help.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sounds like the delay between the tops and subs has to be set...I would recommend that you sweep the tops through the delay and when it gets closer and closer the sound will tighten up dramatically...As for the other...

    Ok, did you not export your settings to the computer? if not why not...you should .. that way you always have something to fall back on...

    In the PEQ is there not a \"restore\" function...

    click on the input mixer and you will be able to fire up the Pink noise...

    as for the auto EQ I'll have to get one of my units out to see whats going on...

    If you can send me a .dwp I can look over the file and see whats going on...you will need to Email it to me or post it on the \"former forum\" home...

  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Sounds like you may have config'd the Pre Crossover EQ as Parametric. If you do that, the Auto EQ goes away.

  • DRA:

    you are correct. Just want to clarify that all I've done is upload to our 260 the speaker tunnings for the SRX700 series (SRX715PSUB.dwp) from this website. I have not made any modifications. This is how is set up by JBL/DBX and what I would like to do is pink the room with the auto-eq wizard without losing the x-over settings for these speakers. Can I change the Pre Crossover PEQ to GEQ so that I get the auto-eq wizard??

    Gadget: where can I email you the file? or if you prefer you can download it from the downloads section \"SRX700 speaker tunnings\" for DR260.

    Thanks again,
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Press the \"config\" button. Right click on the Input equalizer and select GEQ but keep it linked. that will get the GEQ and Auto EQ back,,,
    I'll look at the file later got a big show tonite...
  • Hey Gadget:

    Last nite I followed your instructions and the Auto-EQ is back. However, when I run the Auto-EQ wizard, the pink noise only comes out from the left channel. (Outputs 1 & 3). The outputs are configured as 1-left-high, 2-right-high, 3-left-sub and 4-right-sub.

    I think that when I change from PEQ to the GEQ is un-linking. How do I keep them linked?

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Same spot you changed from PEQ to GEQ
    select \"Config\"
    right click on the GEQ
    its the first thing listed.. but you should be able to see if its linked or not..
    If its UNLINKED left click on one of the modules to hilite it...hold down the CTRL key and click the other o hilite it right click on either module and select link.

    I want to caution you about Auto EQing with both channels running L/R...if you haven't read what I provided on the \"Former Forum\" you will need to do so...if you do set the mic in the room and have both stacks running you are setting up multiple paths for reflections and thus cancellations...add modes to this and the auto eq will destroy your sound...If you do it this way everything from 170 hz down and 700 hz up is going to be suspect...

    Good luck
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