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Could use some advice....

axeman25axeman25 Posts: 3
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My band recently bought a DRPA. We are using a Soundcraft board, DRPA, Crown XLS602 Amp (mians), Pyramid 1000 (for monitors until we can afford another 602),JBL JRX115 mains, Peavey monitors. We have tried several different ways to hook it up. What we were trying to do is run the mains (mono) and 1 Aux out for monitors into the DRPA. Then out into the amps. That way we can use the DRPA for mains and monitors. What I want to know is, can we use the DRPA this way or am I just making this too difficult? I've ran through the wizard and all, just never really got a good sound.

Also, even when we run it just through the monitors, it's still feeding back quite a bit and it sounds like we're singing through a tube. I am new at this and I'm sure that the problem is something that I'm doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Read the \"Aux fed subs & drpa\" post a few lines down, then ask questions from there. There are lots of mistakes to be made with the DRPA. I know I did. Scan throught the post topics and when you see one that interests you, read it. Also go the the \"Former Forum\" above, probably more and better catch-up info there.

  • Still trying to figure it out. I took it out of the loop and put in a peavey dual channel eq. Got plenty of volume and workrd the way it should. I guess I don't undertand how the limiters work and if there holding us back. Can't find much info on this. Please help.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    I looked at the spec sheet for the cabs. Based on the response plot there are 4 pretty wide dips (-5 db) between 300 hz and 7000 hz, and at 9K a steep roll off on the high end, and a steep roll off on the low end starting at about 120.
    Do you have a reference mic?
    Have you outdoors, or with Gary's indoor method, pinked one cab with the auto EQ, then transferred the data to your post PEQ's as the constant started point for every set up?
    If you can't get or don't have a mic, use the plot (below) and guestimate the freq, amount of boost and the \"Q\" (I've seen formulas around for figuring this. Try the Rane site and others) . You only have 3 PEQ's so I recommend fixing 3 from the 300 - 7000 grouping, because these will be the most truthful when \"EQing a room\". Now you can attempt to fix the rest with the pre EQ.

    Assuming that you used the wizard to select the 602 as your amp, the limiter should be preset by the DRPA (at least is did in the 260). If not here are the settings.

    Knobs to 10:30.
    Over easy 4
    Threshhold +18

    There are 4 more settings that are not in the PA, so if PA sets them differently, use them.


    Next set up use the DRPA for mains and the PV EQ for monitors.

    Good luck.

    Response graph link if you don't have it.

  • I gotta add...

    You CANNOT use the DRPA as two seperated channels for mono mains and monitors! Nor for 2 seperate monitor mixes.

    The EQ functions are linked so any changes to the mains affects the monitors and vice versa. And you have very different speakers for your mains & monitors. Adding auto feedback filters on top of this is a recipe for really crappy sound. And that's NOT considering any use of the limiters. I think if you tried to use the anti-feedback filters, they just kept lowering the output and widening the filters till they wiped out your sound.

    Mike McNany
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