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DR260 with Wireless Serial

lee_dlee_d Posts: 12
edited February 2007 in 200 Series Connectivity
Would love to get this to work. I have been trying out the Sena LS100 family of ethernet->serial adaptors. I have tried every serial device I own (wacom tablet, a matrix switcher, a few others) --

Everything works fine EXCEPT the DBX260! Yes, I've read that it's picky about what sorts of serial adaptors it uses -- can anyone explain *why* that's the case?

Or have any ideas to make this work?


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Here is the best stuff we have, I understand that the Radio Shack stuff works well...

    http://www.driverack.com/drug/view_thre ... d_id=40451

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    lee_dlee_d Posts: 12
    I actually got the LS100 working -- WIFI from laptop to a router, router is wired to the LS100, which is serial to the DR260. So, I have serial control of one of my racks.

    Now I'm working on getting the second rack under control, via wifi link to the LS100W wireless version of above. Will let everyone know how it goes.
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    lee_dlee_d Posts: 12
    I GOT IT.

    I now have two amp racks being driven by DBX260 processors, both under control of my laptop, wirelessly, via WIFI.

    Overcome two obstacles to make this work:

    1) Serial over WIFI. For this I have used a wireless access point; cat5 cable to a Sema LS100, and wireless to a Sema LS100W. The software bundled with the Sema devices reroutes Com7 and Com8 out over the network.

    Baud rates had to be set to the 260's strange 38400kbps.

    2) Two DBX at a time requires two instances of the GUI to be running. This is ANNOYING! It can't be but so hard to get one instance to run multiple 260s, and simply assign them to different COM ports? This is in essence what running two instances of the software does. The reason this is annoying is because in order to set it up, I have to connect to the first COM, then launch a second instance, switch the com port in preferences, and relaunch the second instance.

    A 260 per amp rack has got to be a pretty common setup among end users, so I think streamlining this multiple control setup would be really nice.
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    lee_dlee_d Posts: 12
    I may have spoken too soon, it seems. While I can control any parameter of the DBX over the wireless link (mute, unmute, eq and delay settings, etc) I can not load a program from the GUI to the 260. Neither the built-in wizard nor any downloaded profiles will transfer properly.

    Unfortunately I don't have an easy way to check a wired connection.
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