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260 With HIQnet's System Architect 1.3?

surgesoundsurgesound Posts: 2
edited February 2007 in 200 Series Software Control
:?: Does anybody know if DBX is going to develop a plugin to control the 260 via Harmon International's HIQnet System Architect? I know the 4800 is already compatible, but I CAN\"T AFFORD ONE! :shock: Please DBX---PLEEEEEEASE develop a plugin for the 260 in SA 1.3 for us poor, struggling sound schlubs! I mean, Driveware is pretty cool and all, but limited to only one 260? BUMMER! :evil: HIQnet allows control of so many other brands and types of devices---It's really the future of this kind of system control, and I want in! C'mon, DBX! Don't leave us 260 owners out in the cold!
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  • AJayAJay Posts: 28
    haven't you posted this like 4 times now? it seems like you would get better results by just posting this poll once, that way all the votes get consolidated instead of having 2 votes here, another there, yet another somewhere else...

    But I do like the System Architect idea for the 260. Problem with the idea is that i don't know that it would work with the RS232 connetion, because you would need a computer with multiple serial ports
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Actually thats pretty accurate Ajay, the larger problem is that the 260 was designed as a single unit for small sound companies... The unit lacks a way of identifying which unit is which.. so a parameter changed on one unit would change all units... The 260 is quite a few years old now and would have to be redesigned to be controllable in numbers. I sent in a wish list for us to DBX to see if we couldn't get a unit that had the 260 attributes, but also had:
    1. multi unit control
    2. 3 inputs for LCR and Aux fed subs
    3. fully parametric filters with 1 hz resolution

    I have also put in a bid for a monitor world Driverack that would combine the features of the 260 with those of the 480 series adding FBX and auto EQ.
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