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? for Gadget. Expanding but don't want to limit future exp

glenjaminglenjamin Posts: 13
My goal has always been to be as portable as possible. We all know the rules on amp power. Program power or more is needed.

Another important thing is to use as little power consumtion as possible because the rooms I'm in usually only have two to three 15 amp NEMA 15 circuits.

I just scored 2 NEW dual 18 subs dirt cheap and could use them for large venues or outdoors etc.(not so portable)

I have my usual full range cabs that I use with one Mackie 1400i on each. 1260 watts@ 4ohms 20-20k FTC. Cabs are 4ohm 600RMS

Now here is where I get confused.
Do you folks use FTC ratings when buying amps or IEC? I am asuming FTC.

You could really get goof up sound if your subs were 3000RMS and tops were 600 watts. You could get a 6000Watt amp and turn it down or whatever but that would be a waist. I assume you need to match some how. (another topic I guess)

I was thinking of getting two more 1400I's to add to the subs or get JUST TWO amps with big power and little power consumption to power all 2 tops and 2 bottoms. These amps all list there IEC rating.

Crown XTI 4000, 1200w per ch 4 ohms $2000 per pair (to weak?)
Crest CC4000, 1350w per ch 4 ohms $1400 per pair (fine?)
QSC PLX3602, 1250w per ch 4 ohms $1800 per pair (fine?)
Yamaha P7000S 1100w per ch 4 ohms $1000 per pair (to weak?)
Mackie 1400i used for a total of 4 amps $350 per pair (to many!)

So to sum up my LONG ASS question,

(A) Could get away with the Yamaha's P7000S ? There 26lbs each and consume 700watts@1/8th pink noise. And cheaper

(B) Haul a ton of Mackies? Cheapest.

(C) Cough up a few Crest or QSC's? Ouch!

(D) Your input here.....

Remember low power consumtion, lighter, cheaper are all good. What is best? Your opinion needed. :wink:


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Hey Glen...
    Good to see your still jammin :lol: Well.. you really should take advantage of the new power miser amps.. I have the Mackies and I like em....but they are heavy.. and power hungry...AND I don't have to move em...

    Check out NSL they have the XTi amps for under $800 and they have built in DSP AND Hi Q net, so if you wanted to do Aux fed subs you would have the DSP , and you could run stereo..also...18.5 lbs... 3200 watts to the 4 ohm subs

    For the money the P7000 are a good deal @ under $600 at Full Compass...26.5 lbs 3200 watts also ...no DSP

    The double 18's are power hungry and the only way you could get the right kind of power is gonna be cost prohibitive .. for the most part unless you can afford the Powersoft amps at over $2500 each...

    I'd get identical amps for the tops and then if you had a problem you could substitute any amp any where.. Too much power is never enough.. so that should answer that question... If you run a 100 watt light bulb at 50% it will last a hundred times longer...

    As for the rating system? The amp manufacturers mostly don't publish that... and FTC is probably more of a consumer product category...

    I think I'm going to get a couple XTi's, the 4000's and they come with Mikey Kovachs blessing.... and that's a pretty fair recommendation...

    BE well..
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    MikeyMikey Posts: 82
    \"My goal has always been to be as portable as possible.\"

    I think that says it all. I'm with Gary on this. XTi 4000s are the coolest thing since sliced bread. I'm using the PEQs, Limiters, Driver Delays and Crossovers in the amps and just doing FOH EQ and delays to backline on a DR260.

    With the DR260 out of the circuit, the sound is exceptionally clean, but I'm pretty picky about that stuff.

    While there have been some reports of bad XTis, remeber that a few dozen reports over 25,000 or so units sold is not too bad. I personally have not had a single problem since installing the new firmware (in the new amps as shipped). In fact, I have two new ones that are going through burn-in before they are racked. Two more will be in my racks before the end of next week.

    Don't underestimate the aux fed sub thing if you're into aux fed subs. You can still get stereo tops and run the subs from an aux without needing additional crossover abilities.

    Buy and XTi and don't look back. Tremendous power, light weight, incredible DSP and blue LEDs for power. What more could you ask for?

    $1521 shipped from NSL for two of them.

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    glenjaminglenjamin Posts: 13
    $1521 for two XTI4000's Made in USA
    $1500 for three P7000S. Made in China

    Hummmmmm Decisions decisions.

    OK I'll get two Powersofts and be done with it.

    http://fr.audiofanzine.com/salons/index ... ge,15.html
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