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Windows XP problem?

KeithBKeithB Posts: 4
edited March 2007 in Software Control
I have been using the Atten serial USB adapter on a Windows 2000 laptop for a 3 years and no problems.
The new laptop is the same manufacturer but with Windows XP.
Same USB adapter.
I have slow communication to the hardware and can do basic toggle functions like mute on/off but can't control parameters like EQ or delay.
I can load programs but it's VERY slow or will not \"see the network\".
The buffer speed and comm port baud rate has been adjusted up and down and still no improvement.


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    KeithBKeithB Posts: 4
    Update, re-installed Driveware, re-installed USB driver, removed all Bluetooth drivers and com ports.
    Checked all settings I could find on another XP laptop with the same USB adapter and they are the same.
    Disabled Norton Internet Security.
    No change.
    It's a if something is interfearing with the communication link.
    Norton, possibly?
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    KeithBKeithB Posts: 4
    Had a nice chat with Jim at DBX US, and we have narrowed down the solution.
    XP Media Centre, which my laptop was supplied with, is not quite like XP and may be incompatable with the drivers.
    Jim is sending me an adapter that he has had good results with and I'll give it a try.
    Failing that, my computer retailer is willing to wipe Media Center off install XP Pro and that should do it.
    Probably a good adea anyway....

    I'll post the results.
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    MikeyMikey Posts: 82
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate you posting the results. Sometimes we spend, it seems, thousands of posts and never know the results of the suggestions/changes.

    Hope all works great with the hardware change. I've been running XP Pro and have not had problems. BTW, are you using HotSync for the Palm? It really needs to be disabled before you connect to the DR260 if you are.

    I'm sure tech support has gone through that iteration, though.

    Take care,
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