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advice on crossover etc for setting up JBL system

I am replacing a JBL M552 crossover for a driverack PA on the following system.

2 JBL 4647a Low freq. cabs
4 JBL 2446h Hi Freq compression drivers

This is a center hung flown cluster in an auditorium, currently it is crossed over around 1k I would love to hear your advice it is a mono rig. The specs for the speakers are as follows.

JBL 4647a

JBL 2446h

Thanks in advance for your help.

Adam Akers


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    AJayAJay Posts: 28
    I don't believe those particular speakers are in the speaker wizard for the DriveRack PA. However, you can still pull this off, you just need to do a lot of tweaking.

    You would need to just go into setup wizard. first chose MONO in initial setup, GEQ setup chose stereo linked, for main speakers, choose custom bi-amped, and for sub choose custom stereo (\"Custom\" speakers are at the end). Don't know your amps, so once again, you can choose custom.

    Now, go to XOVER, and dial in the settings you want. I'm assuming you want the 4647's on the Low input, and the 2446's on the highs. In the crossover wizard, use the prev pg and next pg buttons to get to the diffrent speakers, and select (press the knob in) to switch parameters of the xover. and the knob to adjust the values in the xover.

    after that, you can tweek the system using the EQ's or easier if you have RTA mic you can use the Auto EQ feature in the wizard.
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    I understand how to do all of that. I have done that already, and I had pinked the roome before using a White 1/6th eq. and a PAA3. I was hoping that someone on the forum had some thoughts on what the best crossover Freq. should be. as well as tips on compression / limiting. I have played with the limiters, however I seem to have problems dialing it in. When I set the threshold that I want it to limit it will either limit the highs and not the lows, or vice versa. Maybe I need to compress it more. I understand that the compressor is pre xover and the limiters are post x over. One of my goals is to set this up so that it can only get to a certain level of volume. I am not wanting to compress it that much, however I would like it to clamp at a certain level. I am very familiar with the driveracks, as I have set up several of them, however I have never tried to dial in the limiter section. Also I am thinking of leaving the 1/6th eq in place and adjusting it after I have decided on a xover freq, but would you guys recommend to then use the Parametric on the driverack to smooth it out a bit?

    Adam Akers
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    Also I have set it up as a custom biamp speaker with no sub in the driverack, as the 4647a is not really a sub. Would I be better off considering it a sub and setting up the driverack as a passive speaker with sub.

    Adam Akers
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    Spur007Spur007 Posts: 2
    Pay the Extra money for the 260... Use a Computer to set up the drive rack.

    Just installed a all EAW sound system in a club and having the ability to run the driveware software and Smaart made the deley factors and everything a DREAM to set up!!!
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