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Hi all
Not really a specific 260 Q but I've read in this forum that related to bass speakers at least 2 to 4 times more amp power is recommended v rated speaker power, my question is - does this formula apply to high compression drivers or/and mid's?

i have another question - the back light on my 260 display is mainly off but does come on occasionally, is there a quick fix under the hood or should i stay away, the unit is probably over one year old now.




  • MikeyMikey Posts: 82
    Four times is a bit too much. Most speaker manufacturers recommend between 1.5 and 2 times the power to their drivers. All it really does is gives you a little headroom for peaks.

    Speakers, of all types, generally get wasted from too little power. The amps clip and all of a sudded you have a nice high DC voltage across your coils. Can you say \"toaster?\"

    It is possible to blow a speaker with too much power also. The cones overextend and can rip the coil right out of the driver.

    If you can't find specifics from your speaker manufacturer, the rule above is a safe place to be. If you really need to run your speakers on the ragged edge of disaster, there's more to this than power that needs to be considered.

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