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Advice (or why I'll never buy another Driverack)

I have this problem:
I bought 2 DR 260's and one DR PA in mid '05.
After about 3 months the PA started getting a garbled display, both the 260's followed shortly after. The units would continue working, but the display got really messed up. This occurs in all conditions - inside air conditioned and outside in the heat. The driveracks are mounted 4 rackspaces away from any heat producing devices. In the past turning the power off and on would usually solve the problem. Today I fired up my rig after about 3 months of non-use. Both 260's booted up with messed up displays. One had a blank screen and the other was all garbled. Rebooting had no effect. I openend them up, and uplugged and replugged the display connectors. That fixed the problem, but then one of them boots with this error \"Hard Checksum Error - Press
PrevPage\" when I press prev page it says \"resetting all user presets\" luckily after it does that, I still have my first preset - the one that I need.

Well, I just had to vent my problem. After tommorow's gig, I will go out and buy some different companie's processors. I just can't believe all three units have experienced the same problem. I posted about this on the old forum, but didn't really get an answer. These units have had very little use since purchased - maybe 45 gigs at the most since mid '05.

Justin Ahrens


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Sorry to hear your problem. I have one of each, a PA for about 3 years and a 260 for alittle over a year. I have never had this problem with either. There are lots of posts, especially from Gadget, for fixes. The most recent thread is in the PA, General Discussion, Bad display. Check it out, before you panic. In almost all cases that I've read the problem is usually a loose cable. Sound likes yours has been teetering for a while.

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    MikeyMikey Posts: 82
    Okay, here's a really stupid question: why didn't you send the units in for repair when they were under warranty?
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    Because I couldn't afford to replace them for the duration of the repair. Does DBX send out a loaner ahead of time so that I can send mine in? Besides I see posts where people have replaced 5 displays! I should just keep sending the units in time after time? Three units with the same problems? I am really dissapointed.
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