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Old School guy needs some \"sound advise\"...

kpippenkpippen Posts: 551
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I was a 1970's Audiophile and I have not been around audio very much since the mid 1980's... I am fifty years old and I'm attempting to install a decent sound system in our church's new youth sanctuary... I have been spending a lot of time on the ProSoundWeb.com forum lately, trying to brush-up on the current technology and the even more difficult \"terminology\"...

Holly crap,...active crossovers were somewhat experimental in my days...

Last night I was looking at the DBX 231 GEQ and 223XL Crossover and I stumbled upon the DriveRack PA... And since then I have also looked at the DR260...

Before I ask a few questions here is what I'm dealing with due to budget:

Room size - 72FT Wide X 46FT Deep with sound stage centered on the 72FT width
Mixer - One Hand-me-down Yamaha MX200-24 (No complaints here)
Amps - Four brand new Behringer EP2500 (QSC RMX-2450 Clones)
Floor Mains - Two brand new JBL JRX125 (One on each side of stage)
Flying Mains - Four brand new JBL JRX115i (Two hanging down 30deg and facing-in 15deg on each side of stage)
Sub - One or maybe two brand new JBL JRX118S
Wedges - Six brand new JBL JRX112M

1) After reading through a lot of the DriveRack Archives I have not seen any mention of wedges or monitors?... I am curious in how most of you are applying them? I could really use some help here!...

2) Also, could I use the DriveRack crossover successfully in the following way without modifications to the speakers or bypassing their passive crossovers:

High = flying JRX115
Mid = JRX125
Low = JRX118S

Thank you so much for any advise!...


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    How are things going with this setup?
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