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Pink Noise Generator is DOA/What is a Backdoor Method?

parkscornerparkscorner Posts: 3
edited March 2007 in PA Connectivity
Took out a DriveRack PA from a permanent installation to use elsewhere. The original installation was by a real pro who could not get the Pink Noise Wizard to fly back then. But he was able to get the unit to work by some tricky backdoor method.

What is the backdoor method?

The problem is that once the pick noise is generated through speakers, the unit stays stuck there & never proceeds to the next window on the wizard.

thanks in advance,



  • What kind of measurement mic are you using? Do you have enough level thru the gear?
  • Good point on mic level & type of microphone. The pro had the dedicated DBX mic; we're using a basic Sure 57 microphone. I'm not sure of what equipment was used in a third setting off site from ours.

    We've had the same result now in three different locations: pink noise is generated without the Wizard progressing to the next screen.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    You do need to exceed a specified level in order for the unit to go into next screen...It will also NOT allow you to exceed a certain level. so start the wizard increase the level till the bar graph gets to at least 50% I think.. anyway it needs to be pretty darn loud.. concert volume for me... But if you use my \"new indoor method\" it isn't so loud and it doesn't talk that long. See if that helps.. but remember, use a good measurement mic has to be dead flat.
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