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Set up for Peavey/Crown/QSC

drummer_boy68drummer_boy68 Posts: 3
edited April 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
We justed ordered a new Driverack PA. It's on the way and I could use a little help getting started with the setup. I'd appreciate any help at all. We're using the following bi-amped Mono:

Mackie CFX16
Peavey DTH 4210f (Mids/Highs)
Peavey DTH 215b(Subs)
Crown CE1000-Mids and Highs
QSC 3402-Subs

Thanks for any help/advice you can give. Please, No Peavey bashing, it's all we could afford... :D


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    OH OH....
    No can do pal... that amp is NOT capable of driving a 1.5 ohm load...no way! those speakers are minimum 3.2 ohms each and if you parallel them in a mono configuration you will BLOW that amp! Same with the QSC and the 215's. You'll need to run stereo and then your under powered! Uless you have one CE per top and one 3402 per sub. DON\"T DO IT!

    So with that in mind, those tops fall off like a rock at 120 hz and are 3 db down @ 115 hz. AND, since subs have a tendency to sound honky the higher they go, I guess I would start @ 120 hz.. that said also:

    Set a BW 18 HPF @45 hz and a 120hz LPF @ LR 24 for the subs...
    Set a HPF @ 120 hz LR 24 for the tops and sweep the delay to somewhere in the 5-8 ms region.

    Those are starting points for the system and tweaks will probably help.

  • Gadget, I really appreciate your reply. I was really hoping you'd be the one to reply first. I've been reading all of your threads old and new for the last few weeks and have already come to value your opinion VERY MUCH. Let me first say I made a mistake on one the amps. The Crown is actually a UT2020 which is the same thing as a CE2000. The signal from the board is mono but the amps are going out in stereo..only because like you pointed out we can't run them bridged due to the <2ohm load. Mike Hunter(DBX Tech Support) gave me the almost exact same starting points as you. So I definately feel good about those. We're in the market for another QSC PLX series amp (LOVE THESE!!). Which one would you recommend to better suit our system. We'd like to use the 3402 on the tops and possibly a 3602 for the subs. Is this enough or do we need to go bigger? Should the amp be 2-4 times the rating of the speakers continuous or program rating? Our top end has always sounded pretty good when we used the 3402 but the bottom has always lacked punch and I know it has a lot to do with being underpowered. Any suggestions will be highed valued. I'm glad there are guys like you to help \"green horns\" like myself out. I've just about filled a 3-ring binder up with threads of yours I have printed off for future reference. Thanks pal, John
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