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JBL, srx

jamesjames Posts: 4
edited April 2007 in PA Connectivity
I just ordered a pair of SRX 725's to go with my 738's. I will run them over 2, 728 sub's. I will be using 3 QSC 5050's full range. I know I will not always want both tops but how can I hook them up to the DBX PA?
There are 3 sets of outputs but I am now using the 738's with the High XLR outputs. Do I run the 725's out of the mids and if so any setting suggestions. These are mostly used for outdoor parties and I do have the RTA MIC. I realize they may clash sonicly but it will be fun to play with. I will buy a DBX 260 if you suggsest it. JBL does not list this weird combo on the processor setting chart. Thanks


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well I have to say that I question the rational of adding a speaker with different coverage patterns and components.. the problems associated with dissimilar drivers and coverage patterns are many and well documented... so I would have recommended that you get the same speakers.. unless you have a very good reason.. as in coverage of a completely different area. If you have further questions as to what the reasons are i would be glad to help out, but it will take some time and effort... As for the DRPA versus the 260... man you would be doing yourself a huge favor by getting the 260 it is the BOMB... Go to the \"former forum\" and find my differences between the 260 and DRPA.. HUGE upgrade for minimum outlay.. a toy versus a serious professional piece. So let me know yor intentions here before we proceed.. the more info the better..
  • jamesjames Posts: 4
    I realize the dissimilarities. I will normally use the 725's and 728's only. I just wondered how to use all three sets of speakers if I needed to project sound in two directions(front party and down behind the bar area etc.) Also I just want to play around but I have never run three sets at once before. Can I do as I stated, 738's and 725's from the mids and high output and does it matter which is which. I just need general info and I will RTA the results for fun.
    PS. The 738's started out alone, then I bought the 728's for more bass, then i decided to try 725's for fun. Karl
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Set up 3-way. Set the Hi's and low's as the main crossover and use the mids as a secondary output. You can run the \"mids\" full range or filter the the low end, which ever. You'll have 2 PEQ's for the \"mid\" output. Get a 260, it'll do exactly what you want it to, without \"fibbing\" to it.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    well, I'd set up a 2x6 that gives you the most flexibility, link the sides unless you want to go through the hassle of doing everything twice, set band passes for the different tops , I'd probably set a HPF of 65-70 hz since you have sufficient power.. you say you'll be running them \"full range\" I don't think thats a correct statement or a good idea. Perhaps if your using the 738's as a back fill or zone it could be but if your using the 725's with the 718's I'd set an HPF like above and set the cross between the subs and tops as I said about 70hz. I'd set the subs at 40hz BW18 HPF and 70hz LPF @ LR 24. Same HPF @ 70 hz for the tops. I'd run the subs on lo and hi outs and use the mids as a bandpass if they were used as area fills or whatever then you could set that as 40 - whatever hz and have a 2 band PEQ for them...

    As we said the 260 would be a far better choice for you with huge advantages for you and your system.
  • jamesjames Posts: 4
    I just ordered, today, a 260, thanks.
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Now download the GUI (in driverack training modules) and get started setting your system up so you can hit the road running. The beauty of the 260 is you can download update 1.5 and have all the speakers preset in the menu, and you can set up the system in many different configs, and save them to computer..and run the 260 and set it up via the copmputer instead of that tiny little *%^&%$ screen!

    Also go the the former forum (above) and read up in the tutorials and user submitted white papers (if you haven't already)

    Congrats.. if you liked the DRPA the 260 will BLOW YOU AWAY!

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