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PA i-tech, VRX, MP418, and XTi configuration help

mpgwmmpgwm Posts: 3
edited April 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard

Just wanted to ask for configuration help for a Driverack PA. I'm using JBL VRX932 cabinets (passive), with crown IT-4000 amps, and MP418s (stereo), with crown XTi-4000 amps.

The only equipment that is in the wizard is the MP418s.

The mixer used is a Soundcraft MH2, if that info helps.

My first event using the I-techs went well, but I'm sure it could be configured better.

Also, if the Driverack is sent back to DBX, could the software in the unit be updated to reflect new Crown/JBL equipment?

Thanks for your help!


  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    well, first off JBL provides the tunings for the 932 and SRX 418 in .dwp (thats a direct loadable DR 260 file) under tunings... they don't consider the MP418 sub as pro level enough for including in their spec sheet... however they seem close enough for your purpose. Why would you consider sending the unit in when all you need to do is download V1.5 and you will have the latest tunings DBX has? It and tones of good info including training videos and links to the old forum that has lots of info too... Doesn't seem like you have done your homework here...

  • mpgwmmpgwm Posts: 3
    I'm sure I can do more homework, and will, (most of the new equipment arrived a week ago) just thought it would be cool to have the tunings in the wizard. I noticed that you referenced a DR 260, and some direct load tunings. Thanks for the info, but I didn't think that a Driverack PA (which is what I have and what the question was posted under) had the ability to be updated by the end user. Is there a way to update the Driverack PA myself?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    What Gadget is saying is to download and install the 260 GUI program on a computer, then download the .dwp file and \"import\" it into the 260. Then use the info for inputting the DRPA settings.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    AND there is no update to the DRPA and there will never be.. With that heady equipment list I'd seriously consider trading in the DRPA for a 260.. You will be forever thankful.. WAYYY more than worth the difference in price...
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