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Another display issue

tcctcc Posts: 2
edited April 2007 in PA General Discussion
I recently picked up a DRPA and fired it up a few weeks ago and the display was all jumblie like the Matrix. I brought it back to the place where I got it from and they tested it and for some strange reason it was fine.

I took it home thinking that I'd hate for this time happen in the future, having an \"iffy\" display, so I contacted dbx and the technical service rep informed me that it was a pcb/ribbon cable issue. I could've sent it in under warranty for them to do the fix but I didn't want to pack the whole thing up and pay for shipping. So he sent out the \"repair\" kit which consisted of a new, longer pcb and ribbon cable. Received it a few days later. When I went to open up the unit to do the \"repair\" I found out why the display was acting intermittently.
First, the connector on the ribbon cable was not sitting flush wih the pcb header

Second, there was a small nick in the smaller ribbon cable (looks worse than it really is)

The connector thing isn't a big deal since it will be removed and replaced. But the nick on the cable is a QA issue. I don't know how this got past them.

I tried contacting the same gentleman about this and even emailed the pictures to him and have yet to get a response.

Hopefully it'll have a good ending.
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