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DR260 purchase

yalcyalc Posts: 24
Hi Everyone,
I own a DRPA and I love it. I am fixin' to buy a 260 after a little more reasearch. I have downloaded the manual and read it several times.
Does anyone have any words of advise or warning or anything? How about you DRA? you always have some good practical words of wisdom. Thanks in advance for your input.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Download the GUI program and play with it. There is also an online demo / walk through / tutorial . It will help alot as well.
    If you think you love the PA, just wait. I had a PA for about 2 years, then got my 260. For 50% more money, you get 500% more equipment. I've had mine for just over a year, and thanks to Gadget and the gang, I've learned a ton and still learning. Don't get trapped into thinking that every module in there going to be useful. While there is an application for every tool in there, you have to chose only 2 of the compressor, auto gain, auto feedback, gate, notch filter, and sub synth at a time. You pick up 4 PEQ's on every output, instead of 3, 2, &2. If you ever have gigs that are in very deep room and have to set up speakers for mid room fills or balconies the output delay is great. You can also , if mixing mono, run house and 1 monitor mix with all available tools completely separately.

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    yalcyalc Posts: 24
    Thanks DRA,
    Good advise as always.
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