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Looking at the PA or 260 for Portable DJ

I have a portable DJ setup that consists of the new Denon DN-HD2500 CD/MP3 Controller with the Denon DN-X900 Mixer that connects to a QSC PLX2502 Amp that I will connect in 2 ways to the speakers which are (2) JBL MRX515: in Stereo (450 per channel) for smaller gigs and Bridged-Mono (1250 per channel) for the weddings.

Typical DJ functions are a Trivia DJ (a 2 hour gig in a bar asking patrons 20 questions for prizes, with music interludes) and Private Party and Wedding functions that include all sorts of different sized rooms and even outside weddings on the beach where sound has to travel 100+ yards.

I am looking for an equilizer to help give me more control than the 3-band parametric EQ does on the mixer. I would also like the RTA capabilities so the EQ can be adjusted automatically to the room and then locked in place since I will be putting the diagnostic microphone away during the performances. Of course I would like to play with the EQ settings manually during the performance to cut/add more bass, mids and highs depending on the song.

Will your PA system do all of this? Are your driverack's preprogrammed for this equipment that I have mentioned? If I add another QSC amp in the future for a subwoofer or even go bi-amp or tri-amp in the future can your products that I have mentioned handle it? I also may add another pair of JBL speakers in the future.

Also, I have heard that the PA's EQ settings are buried in the menus. Is the 260 better? Can I see a virtual EQ on my computer with the 260 and make changes on the computer easily?



  • AJayAJay Posts: 28
    the 260 and PA are very similar in a lot of ways: both have Left, Right inputs, and 6 outputs.

    Differences in the two are as follows:

    The 260 has double the processing power, and therefore sounds a little better

    The 260 has an RS232 port which allows for firmware upgrades, and GUI control through your laptop (as well as saving presets to your laptop)

    You save quite a bit of money with the PA over the 260

    While the 260 is better sounding then the PA, both of them are much better then just the 3 band EQ on a DJ mixer.
  • Thanks for the fast response. a couple more questions:

    1. How difficult is it to change individual bands on an EQ with the PA (how many menus down is it buried)?

    2. Does it get any better if you go to the 260?

    3. Can the 260 EQ be a \"virtual EQ\" on your laptop via software that you can change the settings on the PC?
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    On the PA it is.... Press EQ button... scroll to the desired freq.... select over to gain and turn knob up or down... repeat for other frequencies. For tonal changes it is not a huge deal, but for feedback issues it is cumbersome. Yes the 260 has a \"virtual\" EQ as well as every other function of the 260 including real time RTA (PA doesn't) controllable on a laptop. I would recommend a mouse instead of trying to use the track ball or scratch pad. New 260's can be had for just over $700 (last time I checked). I, too, am primarily a DJ and started with a PA, then stepped up to a 260 for my live sound gigs. I still use the PA for all my DJ gigs. Though I was thrilled with my PA, I realized that if I had been patient for a month or two I could have gotten the 260. The difference in cost is not that severe and you get soooo much more. My advice is... if you can afford a PA then you can afford a 260 and if you can't afford the 260 then you can't afford the PA. You have working gear, hold out and get what you need.
    A word of caution. Neither of these units is plug n play or a fix all / do all / sit back and watch it do it all. Read around this forum of problems people have had because they thought just that. They are however a GREAT tool. A hammer never built a house by itself. Someone has to pick it up use it the right way.

  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Nice guys! I would just add that you can go to the menu above and download the GUI and \"play\" virtually with the DR 260.. you will know then just how cool this thing is!
  • Hey Dra,

    Thanks for the great insight. I was leaning toward the PA b/c tech support had said it accomplished all of my goals. However I am a bit of a gearhead and controlling the driverack with my laptop seems natural since I already am controlling my CD/MP3/Internal Hard Drive on the HD2500 with the Denon DJ software.

    I installed the DriveWare software to play with it but it doesn't have the full complement of buttons on the virtual interface. Specfically missing, when I added the 260, was the EQ button that would let me change its settings. In fact it only has 5 buttons: METER, CONFIG, LOAD, STORE, WIZARD.

    Am I missing something? Is there a way to expand the controls to show the other buttons?

    If I can be a pain one more time, can someone explain exactly how to change the EQ settings via a laptop (Dra's previous explanation about changing the EQ from the device itself were PERFECT!!)?

    Thanks for all the info!
  • GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Sure you can.. open the 260, click on the meter button to display the meters, double click any other icon and it opens to display the control surface.. for instance click on the 'G' and the Graphic EQ opens (unless its set on the PEQ which then displays the 9 band ) Turn it on and it reacts just like an analog EQ you simply click and drag the faders. Note that the graph above also moves. Same for all the modules...there are also a number of nested functions. There is a training module you should view that is available in the upper left hand corner of the screen.. watch it you'll start to see what makes this such a great product and a thousand times the DRPA.
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Sean, Do 2 things.

    1. Do the following. With the 260 window open, click \"Wizard\", advance to where you select your pre-crossover EQ type (GEQ or PEQ) and select the 2 insert modules you wish to use. I recommend the AFS on one and the other doesn't matter much, but don't use the compressor or gate (you'll probably never use them). Select your speaker and amp. Advance and load.
    Double click on the box (module) you want to open (as many at one time as you want). To open the EQ you selected, just find the \"EQ\" on the panel and below it is the box (G for graphic or P for parametric). Double click it.... BAM. Double click on the limit box... BAM. Double click on the crossover (filter (F) in your case because you are full range)... BAM. You'll need to set your Hi-Pass to limit the low end. Click on th \"Meter\" button... BAM. Before your shut down be sure to save the current settings.
    Easy , huh.

    2. Go to training modules tab above and download the 260 training tutorial. It's like a \"Video Professor\" thing.

    Happy hunting,

  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    Apparently my post went around the world a few times and stopped for a bite in Singapore.

  • Dra & Gadget,

    Thank you so much for your help. Your instructions truly prove that the 260 is bad a$$. I can't believe the EQ pops up on your screen like that. I got it to work and determined that it is exactly what I am looking for.

    The 260 is truly an amazing piece of equipment that I am going to purchase. The PA is nice but come on...

    Great post! I hope DRAs tried the crab rangoon. I hear its excellent.

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