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Necessary to set PEQ with Active speakers?

Carl PiowatyCarl Piowaty Posts: 3
edited May 2007 in PA General Discussion
I recently bought a DRPA and I use the following setup.

Mackie CFX-16 mixer
2 - Mackie SR1521z active 2-way speakers
2 - B-52 Active Subs.
xover set to HPF 40hz, LPF @125hz
Compression off

I have been visiting this forum a lot and the information is unbelieveably helpful. I would like to know if I need to set the PEQ on the DRPA to tune my Mackie speakers. Same on my B-52 subs. I have read on the Mackie website that they are already tuned but don't know wether to believe it or not. Sounds like a sales pitch.

I currently have the PEQ turned off and the system sounds pretty darn good. If it will further improve the sound, I am happy to turn it on and set it. I just don't know what settings.

Another question about setting gain structure. I'm not sure how to get it right with my active speakers. I have been setting the amp control on the speakers to unity and keeping it there. It has been going pretty good and no clip light from the back of the speakers. Again,.. same with the subs. Should I do anything different?

Thank you all so much for the help I have received so far.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Hello, If you have an RTA mic, set 1 Mackie and 1 B-52 up outside away from reflective surfaces as you typically would. ( mackie directly on the sub, mackie on a stand to the side, etc.) Set your x-over. Auto EQ as described in detail all over this former and the former forum above. The results will tell you if you need to change your x-over of use the PEQ's to \"flatten\" any response problems that present themselves. A far as the gain structure, I say yes. Again follow the detail instructions all over the forum. Setting the limiters depends on whether the Mackie's and subs have limiting and how good it is. I would probably use the limiter in the DRPA, just to be safe.

    Good luck.

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    Ok,.. thanks for the advice.

    Will it be obvious what to change on the PEQ? If there is a spike in the auto EQ, is that where I need to flatten the response? Just a guess.

    As far as setting the gain structure, both mains and subs have limiters in them. Not sure what to do here. I think I will mess around with it a bit and see what different results I get.

    Thanks a ton for the help.
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