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Am I Being Completely Stupid??

WJFWJF Posts: 3
edited May 2007 in PA General Discussion
The Drive Rack sure looks like a great piece of gear but ...

Am I being stupid for considering it ... More specifically, is it overkill for my needs? I play acoustic music in a variety of configurations that range from duos to 5 piece bands ... no drums, nothing electric except for the bass.

The sound system I have includes a Mackie 808S powered \"head\" type mixer, a set of JBL monitors and JBL JRX-115's for the mains. Pumping a lot of volume is almost never an issue save for the rare outdoor gig I get now and then. You can tell by the gear that I'm nowhere close to being a sound-tech but the stuff I've got meets my needs. That said, if the Driverack would make a noticeable improvement in the sound this stuff puts out, I'd get one in a heart beat.

So ... I know I can make all the necessary connections between pieces of gear but will the learning curve for the Driverack offset the benefit I'll get from it? As I said it looks like a GREAT piece of gear and I am oh so tempted but can't keep myself from wondering if it's overkill for my meager needs.

Your thoughts?

Any feedback, opinions greatly appreciated ... THANKS!!!

PS ... I guess I should also add that I don't envision using the sub-harmonic synth and crossover functionality but the auto EQ, comp / limiter features are appealing ... especially the auto EQ given that the 808s offers two virtually useless 8-band graphic EQs on-board.


  • kpippenkpippen Posts: 551
    Hello WJF,

    First off...in my opinion it's not \"stupid\" to research an application before trying it...:)

    I think you are correct in that the DriveRack offers a lot functionality that your \"current\" set-up will not take advantage of... And yes,...the auto EQ, and limiters are some very nice features,...and I would tell you to \"go for it\" and to think about your future needs...but the \"powered\" mixer is a stumbling block for me... I can't grasp on inserting the DriveRack in the effects loop... It kinda defeats it's purpose I think...but my experience here is very limited...2cents.gif

    If you decide to move forward get the DR260... It's worth the extra $$$...:)

    I'd be interested in what others will have to say...


    PS. How do you like your JRX115s?...
  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    I agree with Kevin. The 260 is what you should consider since you also have monitors, because it can be used as 2 separate mono units. The PA can not. You should not think that the compressor will be usefull (to compress the vocals for example) as it is a system compressor. You can use the \"main line out\" to the DR and back in the \"power amp in\" for the connection.

  • WJFWJF Posts: 3
    Thanks for your responses ... I really appreciate your advice!

    The Mackie 808s head does have L-R mixer outs and L-R pwr amp ins. So, connecting the DR at line level as the unit requires won't be a problem. Whew!

    The 260 does indeed look like a great unit but my budget at this point won't allow it and honestly, for the amount of use that the system that the system will get even the DRPA is tough to justify ... but I think I'll go for it anyway

    Maybe someday I'll get a \"real\" system that will allow me to use more of the functionality but honestly, if all I'm able to use is the auto-eq and the feedback busting components, it will be money well spent!

    So ... thanks again for your replies ... they've helped make this an easier decision! :D
  • kpippenkpippen Posts: 551

    I wish you the very best with your purchase!...:)

  • DraDra Posts: 3,844
    What is your budget? If you are looking at the 260 as being $999, don't. They can be had new in the $700 range. If that peaks your interest a little, post back and I'll pass the info along to you.
    Whatever you decide, read all you can, because the problems that you are likely to have, have already been seen by others and posted here and on the old forum above. Good luck.

  • kpippenkpippen Posts: 551
    Dra wrote:
    They can be had new in the $700 range.

    WJF,...It's definately WORTH taking another look!...:)

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