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qsc RMX5050 Settings

wannabe63wannabe63 Posts: 2
edited May 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
Somebody Help! I've got 2 QSC RMX 5050's to drive a set of JBL SRX725 tops and JBL SRX728 Subs w/ a DBX driverack PA in between the mixer and the amps. The DRPA's manual did not have the jbl tunings which I found on the JBLpro.com website. My Problem: How do I set the DRPA for the amps? Where do I set the amps sensitivity? QSC recommends from 1/2 to full. 1 amp is pushing the subs the other is pushing the tops set to passive (X-over 2 way stereo). Please advise! Thanks


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Set your gain structure per the back of the DRPA manual. Also good instruction on this and the former forum above. Search it out. Everythiong you need is there. (Kinda in a rush now.)

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    What DRA was trying to imply in his rush is that the amps sensitivity settings don't make a lot of sense sometimes, and that if you set the gains structure you will end up at the best amp settings for your rig whatever that is... Set up a system in the wizard and select 'custom' in the amps section.
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