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Using the wizard

leonnekeleonneke Posts: 3

I own a pa driverack and use it for my jbl G2 eon speakers and my dynacord
sub 800a speakers.
I used the wizard to select a program on the driverack suited for this speaker
combination, to bad that the dynacords aren't in there...
My actual question is: I selected the jbl eon's in the wizard but what is it doing? I don't see any EQ presets for those speaker, and there are no
crossover settings to.. So what does it do exactly??

greetings Leon


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    First off, welcome. It is a common misconception that \"full range\" speakers will have PEQ adjustments. They do not. The closest that you will get will be if you have tops and subs that are in the wizard. Then it will set the x-over and do some low-end cutting on the top cab (especially on 12\" or 10\" speakers. If you check your speaker specs, it will tell you that the speakers are +/- 3db (typ) in a certain range and also give a -10db point. Any PEQing can be done to repair any of the humps or dips in the natural response using the Auto EQ wizard (see hundreds of posts to describe this process).

    Give it a try and post back.

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    leonnekeleonneke Posts: 3
    Thanks for the quick response!

    I was hoping that there were some presets for different speakercabinets.
    In the equalizer section and in the crossover section, If anyone has experience with the cabinets I use I am interested in their presets, and
    the reasons they have for them..

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