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Settng Gain Structure for sub amp

which track on the Bink's Test Cd works best when setting gain structure for the subwoofer channels? Pink noise? White noise? Should my Low output meters match the highs?

I want to get this right....


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    Pink noise is suitable for setting levels as it has power levels that drop each octave, similar to real sound.. White noise has constant power in each octave, guaranteed to blow tweeters if pushed..
    Ideally the level meters on the DR would be at about the same level, meaning that signal/noise ratio will be the same on subs and mains. Then set amp gains so at least one of the amps is just clipping when the driverack does (usually the sub amp is the one lacking power because you need lots) and then adjust the other to get the correct sound balance (not to much bass or mains).. If you can set your gear up outdoors it'll be easiest, just use auto eq and if the bands coresponding to one set of speakers is low or high, change the amp levels to sort it out, rather than relying on eqs.

    hope that's of some use to you

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