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Is this for me?

confusedconfused Posts: 6
My EQ broke, I would like to get the DRPA because I hear its all the rave & I can save rack space by getting rid of my DBX crossover, & it gets rid of feedback.

My setup

Mains = Yamaha C115V powered by QSC PLX2 1804 (stereo)
Subs = OLD Mccauley 18\" powered by QSX PLX 3402 (parallel)

Im a mobile wedding DJ, I run my mains as stereo so that I can pan between left & right to avoid feedback from people on the mic walking in front of my mains

I run the subs in parallel mode off of the left channel because IMO the subs sound better and if I want to bring another pair of subs I can easily connect the right channel to another QSC PLX 3402. (its also one less XLR cable that needs to be connected) Will I be able to do the same with the DRPA? Just connect the left channel to my PLX 3402?

Next question:
By reading the manual I understand you have to choose \"custom\" if your speakers or amplifier is not on the list. What happens after that? Do you need to enter the specs? I can get the specs for my QSC PLX 3402 off of the internet but my SUBS are so old I dont know the specs for them anymore, all I know is they are 18\" I dont even know the exact power handling or ohms...I do know they work well with my 3402. Will this present a problem if I purchase the DRPA? If so could I just use the DRPA as a EQ while still using the same Crossover I have? Im sure I will buy newer subs sometime in the future.


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    You will be happy with the DRPA. However, if you can afford $700 buy the 260 instead. It is waaay better, plus has GUI computer control. Download the 260 GUI and play with it on your computer, even do the online tutorial.

    Yes, setting up stereo tops with mono sub is done in the wizard at system set-up. I would say that I recommend using both sides of your amp (mono signal) regardless of how many subs you use. Less strain on the amp at higher loads, greater damping (cone control), which is important for sub duty, at higher loads, and less loss from speaker cables.
    As far as the speaker and amp set-up, you only gain a crossover point because your Yams are in the wizard. You still (regardless of your speakers and amps) need to do a gain structure as described in the manual and on this this and the former forum above.

    I have a PA in my DJ rack and use a 260 for live sound gigs and use the PA for monitors. I love my PA, but as soon as a had $200 in my pocket, I regretted not getting the 260.

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    confusedconfused Posts: 6
    actually when i said i used just the left channel, i meant i just use the signal from the left side of my current crossover to go to the input of the 3402 which has a setting in it where the same signal goes to both sides of the amp, so yes im using both sides of my amp to power each sub but only using the signal from the left crossover

    I would like to keep it as simple as possible due to multiple setups, leaping into the DRPA is a big step because it looks completely digital, i dont even know what GUI stands for but I will do some research on the 260.

    what about the fact i dont know the specs on my subs other than they are 18\" will that render the DRPA useless?
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Graphical User Interface - In other words you have an EQ on the screen that you'll control use you mouse to move faders instead of press / scroll /press scroll /etc. Actual feedback filter frequencies on screen. etc.

    I'm not sure what you mean by useless. Whatever you want the DRPA (or 260) to do as a system GEQ, x-over and post x-over PEQ 3/2/2 per output band, it will do. It will not send a probe through the sub cab and detect its capabilities, then send you a voicemail. (sorry couldn't resist)

    Do you have a model #, raw speaker number, how old, etc. Contact McCauley, maybe they can help you out with hi & lo pass recommendations. The auto EQ (outdoors) will help you see what the cab is capable of, just be carefull of extreme low end while you are testing.

    Oh, Gadget! Got any words of wisdom?

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    confusedconfused Posts: 6
    Sounds great, Im gonna go buy the PA today. I appreciate the help!
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    It will work great for your system.. you'll be very glad you did...
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