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Mackie SRM 450 Processor Setting Chart\"

jso7061jso7061 Posts: 6
edited September 2011 in Configuration Wizard
When using DRPA with the Mackie SRM450, I have seen only the Mackie C300 in the wizard set up. Do I select that? Then select custom on the amp? If I select Custom on the amp , What are the other setting i should use on the xover ect... When I pink, do I set the volume on the 450's to max and the sub to max then pink at Proformants level? Is there someone that can tell me if dbx has a \"Processor Setting Chart\" for the Mackie SRM450's? can you give me a step by step on what I should do to get the best resaults from my dbx driverack pa?

2 Mackie SRM450
1 dbx Driverack pa
1 Yahmaha Mixer
for outdoor movies and DJ set up

Thank you


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Both your cabs are listed in the 260 GUI.
    Here is what is recommended by the Wizard.

    You can select the C300 or just select custom.

    Gain on Mackies - 50%
    Gain on JBLs - 63%

    X-over settings -
    \"H\" - 99.2 hz (default for mismatched systems) / BW 24 / Gain - 0
    \"L\" - no hi or lo pass / Gain +15db

    Actual x-over point could be 90 - 110 / BW 24 depending on where you need the power that is available to you. You might consider raising the hi-pass on the sub in the DRPA to gain some power as well.
    Good luck, post back if you need.

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    jso7061jso7061 Posts: 6
    I also was given this to try. It shows to have the Mackie's @ 100% and the JBL’s at 63%. I will have to try them both. so i could download the 260 GUI and look at the wizard setting there and input them into the DRPA?

    Please see below tuning parameters. You will want to go through the Setup Wizard and select “Custom� for all of your components. When you get to the “Program Loaded� page, press the PROGRAM button. You can then set the parameters as shown below. Make sure to store the changes when finished, by pressing the STORE button 3 times.

    Low Speaker JRX118SP
    Low Amp JRX118SP

    High Pass Out
    Slope N/A
    Gain 14.0 dB
    Low Pass Out
    Slope N/A

    EQ (Low)
    On/Off Off

    Time Off

    On/ Off; On
    Threshold 18

    Amp Settings
    Input Sensitivity N/A
    Attenuator 63%
    Mid Speaker N/A
    Mid Amp N/A

    High Speaker SRM450
    High Amp SRM450

    High Pass 100 Hz
    Slope BW24
    Gain 0.0 dB

    EQ (High)
    On/Off Off

    Delay Time; Off

    On/Off; On
    Over easy; 4
    Threshold 20

    Amp Settings
    Input Sensitivity N/A
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Yes, download the 260 GUI with the latest update. It will help you alot in seeing what you are doing in the DRPA. Bad news though. It'll make you want a 260.

    You list Jax as your location. Is that AL or FL? I'm 40 miles from Jax, AL and wife's family is in Jax, FL.

    If you cross the tops @ 100 and leave the sub flat they will cross internally @ 120. That's a lot of overlap.

    Odd about the Mackie attenuator setting difference. I'd, like you said, try both. With your board bumping the clip point, the limiter on the cab should be bumping as well. Adjust the cab input to match the board (DRPA limiters should be off for this). I think that I heard that the powered mackies lose a lot of sound quality when their limiters engage.

    Also the limiters in the DRPA sre NOT brickwall. 20 seems high, but then again you do have back-ups in the cabs.

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    jso7061jso7061 Posts: 6
    You made a good point about the limiters in the DRPA are NOT “brick wall�. 20 seem high, but then again you do have back-ups in the cabs.
    So why use them at all with the Mackie & JBL built in amps. I have not had a chance to try the new setting information yet, but I will try it this weekend. I am sure that all I need to figure out is the gain on the Mackie and JBL.
    The Mackie are just so loud that, I will pink at 50% then bring them down to 9 o’clock so that I can hear the richer bass, which I have set at 100% gain. This is how I had it before the DRPA. So I was looking for the DRPA to thicken the quality of sound. I also thought I would sell the JBL and go with 2x Mackie SWA1801 subs. You are right about the 260 GUI, I really wish I got the 260 instead. I live Jacksonville, Florida, Westside Oak Leaf area. It is booming here for Big home Big stores, but no Big DJ clubs yet…we hope so soon…
    Thank again
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Maybe you can get some of the gigs on the River Walk at Jax Landing (if they still do that).

    Let us know how it goes with your set-up.

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    wolfgongwolfgong Posts: 74
    Dra -

    I can vouch for the sound quality going south when the SRM450's are overdriven.

    In my install, which is still more roughed in than fully tweaked, I actually moved my crossover point to 182 because the SRM450's sounded horrible trying to reproduce down to 100Hz when I was running at about 90db.

    This allowed more power in the SRM's to be used to drive the rest of that cabs frequency range.

    I also tried a JBL PRX118SP and I returned it and used a JRX with my Crown XLS402. I found I could get better more natural sound doing it the old fashioned way.

    The speaker in a box, McSpeaker, cabs can be tricky to get good quality sound out of especially if you don't get the gain structure right because you don't have control over the internal limiter, filters and amp settings.

    Sounds like it is time to experiment Dr. Frankenstein. : )
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    jso7061jso7061 Posts: 6
    OK, So this weekend it rained in North Florida Saturday due to a Topical Storm. But Sunday was very nice. The wind was killing me. I tried to auto EQ with the RTA mic behind a wind screen but that did not work. I tried to move it in many other areas around the outdoor stage, but it would take for ever to pink and the results were terrible. I turned off the EQ then I did get a really good sound setting the Gain on Mackies - 50% , Gain on JBLs - 63% and the X-over settings @-
    \"H\" - 100.0 hz / BW 24 / Gain - 0
    \"L\" - no hi or lo pass / but the Gain was at +15db and I moved it up to +20db (max setting) that is when It started to get Rich and full sounding.
    I think that if I was to get the Auto EQ right by pinking indoors or outdoors (on a calm no wind day) I would get a richer and fuller result. We will keep trying
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    Wow, OK.... its been since May 29, 2007 that I needed help with my setup, I haven't used it in a long time but last week I dragged it out of my warehouse and tried to remember all the custom setting and try to remember how to use the RTA. We have a outdoor set up at a Chick-fil-A band festival with live bands. we ran out of time for me to RTA outdoor so I just turned everything on and went with the last time I had RTA a room which was in a Daytona Beach convention center.
    everything was sounding ok but overall it sounded a little high. so my questions are:

    1 How can I EQ some of the High EQ while the show is in progress?

    2. What do I do when I don't get the time to Pink a Room/outdoor and show must start, how and what can I do on the fly while the band or music is playing to adjust the sound quality.

    3. I found that when I do the RTA and Pink a room it does take time , sometime 3 to 5 mins... Is there something I can do to speed up the process. in many hotels it is a loud, noisy and an annoyance , and as for the volume while pinking the room i have notice that it says 'set to performance levels" is louder better the normal levels while its figuring out the EQ . will louder make it EQ faster?

    Sorry if I do not make my question clear but I think if I can just have a average set up, one for rooms and one of outdoors, and save them in the program list it would make for a quicker setup.

    Thank for you help or thoughts ...

    2 Mackie SRM450
    2 JBL JRX118SP
    1 dbx Driverack pa
    1 Yamaha Mixer
    for outdoor movies and DJ set up

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Do the auto Eq outdoors... away from all reflective surfaces... use medium precision, and -0- flat response and save that to a preset... then recall it at gigs...

    Read the "start here" thread ... and the FAQ's especially the RTA threads

    Use the PEQ's for on the fly gig stuff.. you have 3 on the hi outs, and 2 on the others...

    Set up These...
    Hi outs:
    160-170hz bell Q 3~
    350hz ish Bell @1~
    3.5khz hi shelf Slope 6 dB/octave

    Low outs
    60hz bell Q 5
    100hz bell Q 3~

    Some are cuts (60hz, 100hz, 160hz, 350hz) some may need gain..or cuts ( 3.5khz...)

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