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mackie 1522z and 1801 Z cab config

modulus763modulus763 Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
OK I have Mackie 1522z and 1801z cabs....what are the best settings for these cabs? I have used some of the factory presets like the full range # 5 and let the Mackies handle the crossover points. Then I have tried a custom 2X4 cross over program to have more control over the lows and uppers.

This is a wide open question.........what is best for this speaker configuration for a Hard Rock type band?

Why doesn't the DR have more Mackie settings?



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    wolfgongwolfgong Posts: 74
    I'll take a stab at your last question.
    Why doesn't the DR have more Mackie settings?

    The DriveRack's usefulness with powered speakers (The Mackies) is very limited.

    The McSpeakers have several things built into them that the drive rack could do if you were using a open system with separate speakers, crossovers, amps and processing.

    I am actually surprised that DR's have any settings for powered speakers. I think it is more a marketing approach than it is a real value to the end user.

    That's my 2 bits.

    Dra -

    Do you have an opinion on this?
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I can't speak for DRA.. although he often speaks for \"US\" but the thing is the Driverack does provide a \"preset\" for the Mackie powered speakers.. It's the C300 and all it is is a bandpass filter.. with all the other modules left blank...There IS a market user point for the powered, and passive speaker systems.. it's just that it needs to include a subwoofer.. and there are too many to even begin to cover them...

    The problem here is that most of those people that ask for a preset have no idea that there is no need for one for a passive, or powered speaker...and if there was.. the speaker wouldn't be worth much...The idea behind most of the speakers out there is that they are ostensibly flat across the frequency range they are designed to cover... If they cannot do that they aren't worth buying...

    When Connie gives us the \"read me before posting\", I will include a blurb delineating that fact...and a bunch of other requests for info, and that they read certain things before posting...

    Be well..
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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    I'll try to refrain from the \"Royal We\" in the future. :roll: just kidding :oops:
    Yes, I agree Wolfie... marketing. I have plugged in all kinds of combos. Same series, mixed -n- match, etc and VERY few have all the desired info programmed for you (passive). Almost all have a x-over point @ 99.2hz. Few have a hi-pass on the sub. No alignment delay at all. The exception is the M-Pro series that does some PEQ cutting on the low end of the top cabs when using the sub.
    It would be great if DBX would contact all 260, PA, 4800 (Gadget, how's that working for you), etc users and compile a data base of questionaires. Things like... model and # of top cabs & subs, amps with settings, baseline PEQ adjustments (full range and with subs), x-over points and filter slopes, etc...
    No data entry, only an online forn and a search engine with selectable field filters. Is that asking too much? Maybe.

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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Too funny :lol:

    That will happen right after the monkey's have re integrated with my backside...
    G :roll:
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