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new set up need help

traditiontradition Posts: 4
edited June 2007 in PA General Discussion
My set up is
mackie mixer
driverack pa
1 crown xs1200 driving
2 top speakers fd-15h1 from tr
2 crown ce2000 bridge driving
2 subs th-118b from tr

IN 8 OHMS 650+650 2 CHANNEL


FD-15H1 X2

Frequency range:55 Hz - 18 kHz
Sensitivity (SPL 1W @ 1m):99 dB
Maximum SPL:130
RMS (W):400
Peak power (W):800
Impedence (Ohms):8
Passive crossover:2.2 KHz
Dispersion (H/V):60° x 40° (1\")
High frequencies:1� driver
Low frequencies:1 x 15\" woofer

http://www.tr.ca/2006/english/products/ ... d-15h1.htm

TH-118B X2

Frequency range:35 Hz - 500 kHz
Sensitivity (SPL 1W @ 1m):101 dB
Maximum SPL :136.8
RMS (W):750
Peak power (W):1500
Impedence (Ohms):8
Passive crossover:100 Hz
Dispersion (H/V) -
High frequencies -
Low frequencies 1 x 18\"

http://www.tr.ca/2006/english/products/ ... h-118b.htm

my question is on the wizard what do i select as for amps
and if i could use 2 amps bridge for my subs on a 2x4 system.
on the cross over how much gain do i set it to .i ave a idea what will be my settings for my cross over but the gain im not sure.
and how do i set up my comp/limiter for my amps

thank you for your help,its my firts driverack
i love it but its still confusing


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Ok... not enough info...does the sub have a switchable high pass or a direct..as in passive 100 hz crossover NOT in the line to the speaker. You are VERY underpowered to the tops...I would try and cross closer to 120 hz for that reason...that is why I would want to have the DRPA do the crossover work. Yes no problem doing the bridged mono.. but your under powered there to! Set up a 2x4 in the wizard all custom. Set the subs HPF @ 45 hz BW 18, and a LPF of 114.6 hz @ LR 24. Set the tops HPF @ 114.6 hz @ LR 24 and the LPF is not set-able and is said to go to 'out'. You'll want to sweep the delay and I bet you end up around 8.5 ms. you have only 10ms to play with. Then store that setup and name it so you can find it, then do a gain structure(as per the back of the manual) and let that set the amp sensitivity...

    Keep us informed, or if you can't bypass the internal crossover in the subs let me know...

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    traditiontradition Posts: 4
    by memory the subs as no switch
    do i set the gain of the cross over at 0 all
    and do a gain structure
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    Well, if the subs have no way to bypass the internal crossover you would either have to internally bypass the crossover, or cross below the point the subs cross over.. but remember your short on power and that will mean less overall gain/volume. The site is very poor in that it doesn't show the back panel of the sub or indicate what is in there... like a schematic or whatever...do you have such a thing in the manual? can you contact them and find out whats going on in there? is there just an in and parallel connectors on the back of the speaker...any switches?

    As for the gain, start at -0-db in the driverack's gains and adjust them as needed. there is much here about gain structure if you use a keyword search. I really need as much info as you can get me since the site is so bad for those speakers... was the manual any more help?

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    traditiontradition Posts: 4
    just cald them at tr and the subs are strait thru no crossover inside
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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    England? Just guessing...the \"strait through\" ... Anyway that means you can give it a go with my recommendations.. you may even want to go as high as 120 hz.. any further questions I can help with?
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