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-10/+4 switch question.....

quaizywabbitquaizywabbit Posts: 29
edited June 2007 in PA General Discussion
Does this switch only switch operating levels on the inputs??

Ive got a Phonic WM SYS4 stereo wireless system in between my mixer and driverack, so I can ''remote'' myself out into a FOH position, without the long cable runs.

After going through gain structure setup with this, Im barely registering a signal on the input meters.

Sound quality is fine, though not as robust as a hardwired connection.

Anyhow, I have compensated by boosting the crossover output gains to get the output i need..

Problem is, the AFS doesnt respond to such low level signals, though the fixed filters are still set from when it was hardwired.

Before I mess with switching this unit for -10 operation, and get into editing the presets i already have, I just need to know how switching the operating level is going to manifest itself.........(i.e. am I going to have to crank the output levels even higher, or will this only affect the inputs, letting me lower the output gains back to their original 'hardwired' level??)

Any help greatly appreciated!!


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    GadgetGadget Posts: 4,915
    I'm not going to belittle your equipment but without ANY output specifications whatsoever from Phonic(whats that all about anyway?) I have no way to respond other than to say try the -10 and yes it's an input sensitivity control.. BTW Why haven't you tried it already? There are plenty of preset locations and there's no reason to mess up your original setup ... so why not try it and save it to a different location? Is it that you think you might EVER use some of those setups? Most of those factory presets are NEVER going to be useful so why not put something there that is... even if you screw up a preset you NEED..(ya right) you could always reset(hard reset) to factory presets...
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    thanks Gadget!

    I forgot it was there when I did my setup this morning......

    just wasnt sure if it affected the operating level of the outputs also.

    will give it a go when i the ol lady gets back tonight......

    Thanks again!
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    worked fantastically!!!! yep its a -10 alright....(though its odd that its XLR at both ends, takes either a +4 or -10 input level, but only outputs a -10)

    anyhoo Im happy as a clam........

    Thanks Gadget!!
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