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Pinking outside & crossover?

prodjsolutionsprodjsolutions Posts: 7
edited June 2007 in PA General Discussion
I was told to use the RTA Mic and auto eq outside before I try in a venue. My question is after I auto eq outside how do I fix the issues with my speakers by using the PEQ? My second question is when talking about crossover settings like 50hz
BW 24, what does the BW24 stand for?



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    After auto EQing, look at the the plot of the GEQ. If there is a 4db boost at 63 hz and 2db boosted above and below it then on the PEQ add a bell with a boost of 4 db at 63 hz. You'll have to play with the Q to get the width right. You have 2 filters for the lo's and 3 for the highs. You'll have to pick which areas are most important to you if you have multiple problems. Sometimes to get the desired curve you have to add a cut right next to a boost. I like to refer to it as scientific guess work. After making the initial adjustments, flatten the GEQ and re-pink. Compare the change and keep making adjustments until; you are happy. If most of the bands in either x-over section need to be boosted or cut, either turn down a loud amp or adjust the gain in the x-over. If there is a boost or cut at the x-over point then try over lapping or seperating the slopes a bit. The BW 24 is the filter type and slope. Butterworth @ 24 db / octave. The type filter denotes the sharpness of the knee. Typically the steeper the slope at the x-over point the better.

    The goal is to get your system as flat as possible so that every venue you go into you have a place to start and you only have to deal with the room. The end result of the flattening session should be saved and never adjusted (in theory).

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