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Set up for EV+QSC

janisjanis Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in PA Configuration Wizard
We justed ordered a new Driverack PA. It's on the way and I could use a little help getting started with the setup. I'd appreciate any help at all. We're using the following:

2xElectrovoice G115 (Hi/mid)
4xElectrovoice G118 (sub) (connect 2L and 2R)
1xQSC PLX 3002 (hi/mid)
1xQSC PLX 3002 (low)

p.s. live sound an DJ


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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    First, look through the posts and read everything that sounds interesting, especially gain structure & auto EQ.

    Your speakers want more power than you can give them, especially the subs. Consider running the subs together off the 3002 bridged.

    Set up a 2 x 3 (stero in, stero out with mono sub) EQ should be stereo linked.

    Cross over:
    Sub - Hi-pass 45hz (or higher because of power) BW18
    Lo-pass 100hz LR24
    Tops - Hi-pass 100hz LR24

    Set gain structure per back of manual (also read on board)
    Set limiter (as part of gain set up)
    Compressor - Use only if absolutely neccessary
    Sub-synth - \"\" \"\" \"\"
    PEQ's - Read up
    Auto EQ - Will ruin sound if you assume that it does what you think (read up)
    AFS - read up

    Download the 260 driveware and play with it. It will help you see what the DRPA is doing (on common features).

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