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Cannot Auto-EQ 260 with our floor monitor

Vincent MoyVincent Moy Posts: 2
Hi All,

That's my first post here. I'm a new guy in audio field... My church got 2 of the 260 and since I'm the one who run the computer so I also do some of the setting using the GUI.

We hooked up the 2nd 260 for our floor monitors (JBL TR 105, 2 of them) and found that it is not working right. Our amplifier (Crown Xs1200) keeps clipping. Our setup is the 2 TR105 connected to 1 amplifier and the amp connected to the 260.

Another problem we encountered was that we are not able to auto-EQ the 260.

I'm wonder what is going on there... if you need more info I can provide as much as I know.



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    DraDra Posts: 3,777
    Welcome Vincent,
    Auto EQ - If by not working you mean that it is not available in the wizard, make sure that you are set up for graphic EQ. Auto EQ is not available with the parametric EQ config'ed.

    Amp clipping - Have you done a gain structure per the back of the book? Where are the amp attenuator knob set?

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